Claire’s story about her journey in care

Claire’s story tells of how she turned a traumatic childhood experience into an inspirational passion to support others with truly heartfelt care.

What made you decide to start your career in care?

Sadly, Claire lost her father at the age of 11 to a brain haemorrhage and she remembers quite vividly how her mum tried to save his life. “I watched my family begin to crumble as dad’s sudden passing affected us all and I felt lost. I kept asking myself ‘why me, why us?’ The family all faced shock and grief, but everyone came together to support their family through this traumatic time. Many of Claire’s family members are nurses and servicemen, and Claire’s experiences gave her a new understanding of how valuable these roles truly are.

As Claire grew older, she understood that if her father had survived, he would have needed 24-hour care. It was at this point, that Claire wondered if services like this even existed and the more she researched, her passion to support others grew stronger.

“The love we have for our families is infinite, and knowing they’re suffering is unbearable, so if I could be that person to care and support everyone, I could change their lives”.


Claire's story

Where did your journey start?

“I lived in Lancashire until I was 29, but I moved down south in 2009 and started working in a coffee shop whilst I planned the next steps I was going to take. I quickly recognised the regulars, many of whom were elderly and finding things difficult, like counting coins and carrying their trays”. Claire was always ready to help and her ways didn’t change in the three years she worked there. This didn’t go unnoticed.

“I had been serving one lady for around 3 years when one day, she admitted that she had been watching me for that whole time as I never failed to help my elderly customers however they needed”.

When this lady told Claire she owned a care company, Claire’s dreams fell into place.

Claire's story development

Starting her career in care

“When I started, I had no practical experience of caring professionally. I only had a longing to help others in the way that I would’ve supported my dad if I had the chance”. Claire knew in her heart that she wanted to give loved ones peace of mind, and she quickly gained the skills and experience to offer personal care.

“The first few weeks filled me with so many mixed feelings. The best feeling was I felt I was making a difference and my dad would be proud.”

Claire put her heart and soul into every visit she made and every person she cared for. By treating everyone how she would want her family to be cared for, she brought peace of mind to anyone in her care and their loved ones.

From Care Assistant to Care Manager – How did you get there?

“I was then promoted to a Field Care Supervisor role where I supported new Care Assistants as they started their journey and completed their training. My new skills and experience enabled me to complete my Level 2 Health and Social Care Diploma.”

Once Claire had completed her Level 2 Health and Social Care Diploma, she became a Care Coordinator, organising Care Assistant rotas and ensuring that her clients were supported at all times.

“From then, I became a Deputy Manager supporting many care teams, conducting risk assessments in clients’ homes, advising clients and their families with everything we could do to support them. I often share my own story. When I’m caring for their loved one, I see them as my dad. For me, it’s personal. Whatever they need, I’ll do everything I can. Always.”

The experiences that Claire had gained throughout her journey enabled her to start her Level 5 qualifications and she has successfully completed her Level 5 Diploma in’ Leadership for Health and Social Care’ and ‘Children and Young Peoples’ Services’.

Claire's story father

From then, to now

Aside from her professional experiences of care, Claire’s personal passion for care is driven by her family, both past and present. Claire remembers her father every day and now she pours her passion for care into her clients and her own child, who lives with a disability.

“Care is the reason I live and breathe. I care for people and their loved ones during the day and I care for my own child at night, I never stop and I couldn’t imagine my life any other way”.

Claire’s story is truly inspirational and we will continue to support her on her journey every step of the way.