Which conditions are usually supported by complex care?

Complex care conditions can be any ongoing health needs which requires specialist support. A person receiving complex care may not necessarily need to remain in hospital or a specialist facility, with our heartfelt and experienced care, our complex care clients can return to their own homes with specialist support. With support available from a visiting service to offer occasional support with daily routines, or one-to-one live-in care available to offer full-time specialist care, complex care services are entirely bespoke.

Acquired brain injury

Trinity provides specialist support for clients who have physical, behavioural and cognitive needs as a result of a brain injury. We will prepare a complex care plan that has the goal of assisting the client to achieve the best possible quality of life whilst remaining living at home.  The individual’s care plan is created around development of life skills and goals that the client and family want to achieve. Our specialist skills are focussed on working with the client and their family to provide ongoing support and rehabilitation.

Spinal cord injury

Our expertly trained TrinityCarers are experienced in providing nurse-led care for complex care conditions such as a spinal cord injury, including quadriplegia, paraplegia and tetraplegia. With the expertise and experience of our lead nurse, our specially trained team are committed to making a difference to peoples’ lives every day by helping them live enriched lives with independence and dignity. Our TrinityCarers support each client’s individual needs and help them achieve their goals, however adventurous they may be.

Ventilator dependency

We’re experienced in looking after clients with complex care conditions who need non-invasive or invasive ventilation. Our lead nurse and our team of specially trained TrinityCarers have the experience and expertise to offer attentive care to individuals with ventilator dependencies. We provide specialist, high-quality client care based on the most recent clinical research and practice. Our clinical and operational 24-hour on-call service helps our staff give your clients the best possible care.

Tracheostomy care

Nurse-led tracheostomy care is designed to enable clients to manage their tracheostomies in a way which enables them to live an independent and enriched life. At Trinity Homecare, we understand that adapting to eating, talking, exercising, and maintaining a tracheostomy tube can be challenging, but our expertise and experience provides the support to give an individual confidence in their care.  Following an assessment with our lead nurse, we match our client with specialist care assistants with the right experience and the right personality, to provide holistic support.

Catheter care and stoma care

Our TrinityCarers have been providing respectful and compassionate continence and stoma care for over 20 years. Our lead nurse has the expertise and experience to assess an individual’s needs and appropriately match them to complex care staff who will provide the right level of continence care while maintaining dignity at all times. From helping with mobility to the toilet, to changing pads, to changing a catheter or colostomy bag, our experienced complex care team are experienced and sensitive to the needs of the individuals in their care.

Peg feeding care

Our peg feeding and gastronomy complex care services are led by our lead nurse and team of specialist TrinityCarers team of clinical nurses, who are enthusiastic and proactive about providing peg-feeding and support with gastronomy care. We work closely with medical professionals to ensure that the individual in our care is receiving the care and nutrition they need to live as healthily and happily as possible. Our peg feeding complex care can also provide valuable support for reintroduction of oral nutrition and fluid intake.

Learning disabilities

The needs and requirements of all of our clients with learning disabilities are both specific and unique to each individual.

Before care commences, we ensure that we have a full understanding of the physical, emotional and social needs the client has, as well as management strategies for any challenging behaviour. Our ultimate aim is to help clients develop the skills they need to lead fulfilling lives. Our staff selection and care planning process helps us to match needs and preferences to the ‘best fit’ staff. Our regular reviews and consultation with other professionals and family members is aimed at ensuring continuous improvement in the care provided and the development of the individual.

Mental health

We recognise that diverse and complex mental health needs can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. To us, every individual is entirely unique. Our services are overseen by our experienced lead nurse and our care plans are developed closely with clients, family members and other professionals to ensure the best possible circumstance in which to achieve progress and development.

We seek to assist in rebuilding of vocational skills that can often be lost when an individual has been in a residential acute care environment.  Our support assists in the individual establishing a fulfilled life in the community.

Neurological conditions

Neurological complex care conditions can have an immense impact on people’s lives; physically, intellectually, and emotionally. We take care to truly understand, appropriately plan and source the appropriate support to meet clients’ special needs and help them lead an active and fulfilling life wherever possible. We also make sure we understand when to give support and when to take a step back to give the client maximum independence.