Providing live-in home care since 1996

Trinity Homecare has been providing live-in care across England since 1996. Our Self-managed live-in care service is available across England and Wales. Under this live-in care service, we act as an introduction agency, introducing live-in self-employed carers, who are directly managed by you for an agreed period of time.

What to expect with self-managed live-in home care:

  • An initial telephone assessment to understand your individual needs and circumstances
  • Comprehensive recruitment, selection and vetting of all live-in carers we introduce you to
  • An introduction to your specially selected live-in carer who will provide all your care and support
  • 24/7 on-call advice and support from our office team

“We are very satisfied with the attention given by Trinity Homecare. I believe the initial interview and assessment are a very good way of matching the right people together. Thank you for the help.”

Introductory Live-in Care client, Cambridge, UK


When is the self-managed live-in care service best suited?

We find our self-managed service tends to be used by those who are able to manage their own care and finances who’s needs require more companionship or smaller amounts of personal care.

If you require more complex support or you’d feel more confident in having an experienced care team to manage all aspects of your care, then our Trinity-managed live-in care service may be more suitable. Our managed live-in care service is available across London, Surrey and the Home Counties. We can often recommend someone else in the UK if we are unable to provide the service you require in your area.

“Excellent agency – efficiently run by friendly and competent staff who listen to your needs and provide reliable and dedicated carers.”

Karen Smith, Introductory Live-in Care client, UK

Photo Credit: Thanks to Rosario Fiore.

Want to know more?

If you’d like more information on the care service we can give you in your area or surrounding areas, then we are here to help you with any questions you may have. Please schedule a 15 minute no obligation or fee to speak with our local care consultant today. Get yourself the care you deserve.

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Our local team

Gemma Care Coordinator Banstead and Tadworth
Gemma K Care Coordinator Banstead and Tadworth

With all her knowledge in care, Gemma is the perfect person to coordinate, liaise with carers and supporting families of clients.

Angela Lead Live-in Care Manager
Angela P Lead Booking & Scheduling Care Manager

With 25 years in care, Angela is one of our most experienced Care Managers. It’s her role to match just the right carer with our clients.

Local Reviews

“I am very happy with Lucia and she is well liked by my relative which is the most important thing. She has been with us now for some time and she is the best carer we have had, plus we have a very good working relationship”

Brian P, Kent

Star Star Star Star Star

“Melinda arrived sent by an angel to help us out in a traumatic situation with care, professionalism and results! We are so happy with Ola and my Mother is blossoming!”

R Lanza, London

Star Star Star Star Star

The First Steps To Care

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2. Free Assessment

Trinity’s qualified care team will visit you or your loved at home to discuss your requirements

Begin Care

3. Begin Care

Trinity will match you with the best carer to meet your needs for the exact hours you need


4. Ongoing Support

The Trinity team is always here for you to help with any advice or help you require

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