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Support whenever you need it throughout the day

At Trinity Homecare we passionately believe in supporting your independence to remain at home – even when you need help and support several times a day. Many of our domiciliary care clients receive several visits from us throughout the day and because we create a care plan completely designed around your needs, we remain flexible and open to the tasks we might need to help you with. They could include the following:

  • Morning visits – help and support getting out of bed, washing and dressing, prompting or administering medication, and making breakfast
  • Lunchtime visits – for companionship, preparing a lunchtime meal, a hot drink or perhaps give you a helping hand around the house – jobs like folding the laundry or changing the bedding
  • Afternoon visits – for making you a snack, prompting or administering medication, or perhaps taking you shopping or to an appointment
  • Evening visits –  from meal preparation through to bedtime support, we’ll help you with your night time routine
  • Regular or ad hoc outings and social visits – we’ll share your hobbies, interests and social life or take you on any outings you choose

“I love my care work. It’s so different from what I do the rest of the week. For me it’s relaxing, fulfilling work.”

John Mackay, hourly care worker.

We have a significant number of clients with greater dependency needs like physical impairment, mobility issues, or memory loss. We can help with many aspects of personal care including washing and dressing, and administering medication. We can also assist with continence issues and liaise directly with district nurses and any other medical professionals.  All of our staff are highly trained in moving and supporting you in and out of bed and wheel chairs if need be and we can also assist with any specialist equipment.

Our multiple daily visits support plan can provide

  • Support throughout the day according to your individual needs and daily routine
  • Help with all aspects of personal care
  • Ensure medication is taken at the necessary times
  • Companionship – someone who knows and cares about you popping in throughout the day
  • Support with odd jobs, keeping your home safe and tidy
  • Encouraging healthy eating and drinking on a regular basis throughout the day
  • Assist you with your social needs, including accompanying you to medical appointments or social engagements
  • Making sure your pendant is within easy reach

What to expect with our multiple daily visit support plan

  • A comprehensive assessment of your needs by one of our care managers within your own home
  • A support plan designed specifically for you and your needs
  • Flexibility in supporting your daily needs as they may change over time
  • Support from a team of highly trained and dedicated, professional carers
  • Full confidence from a regulated service that meets all the standards set out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)
  •  A dedicated care manager who can talk to you or your family about any thoughts and concerns
  • Backup and local support from a senior carer in your community
  • 7am -10pm on call telephone support

Benefits of our multiple daily visit support plan

  • Maintain your independence and lifestyle within the comfort of your own home
  • A personal service tailored for you and you alone
  • Greater flexibility – unlike a care home, we can easily change our care to suit your needs
  • Better value for money than a care home – you only pay for the visits you need
  • Better care – because we have local management supervision ensuring we keep our standards high
  • Less loneliness and isolation because someone who really knows you is popping in throughout the day
  • Greater peace of mind for you and your family because someone else is caring too

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