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Palliative Care At Home

At Trinity Homecare, we are committed to supporting individuals with a range of needs and conditions. Offering both Visiting and Live-in Care in locations around the UK, we offer heartfelt care at home for those who need it most. 

Palliative care at home is just one type of care that we are able to provide alongside other social care professionals such as nurses, your GP and physiotherapists, dependent on your individual needs. Regulated and rated as Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), we are able to offer Outstanding rated care to all of our clients. 


What is palliative care?

Palliative care is a type of care which supports anyone living with a terminal illness or complex condition.

Medical professionals will support your physical condition with medication and any therapies or procedures, but the support of a home care assistant will ensure that you or your loved one receives heartfelt and compassionate care to support your overall wellbeing. Care Assistants will offer emotional support as well as practical care such as assistance with personal care, household tasks and medication.

Although palliative care typically supports people living with advanced or progressive conditions, this isn’t always the case. Palliative care can be long-term or short-term and there are different care options available which accommodate for all needs and wishes.


Palliative care at home with Trinity

Accommodating for any psychological, social or spiritual needs is an important aspect of palliative home care. Palliative care assistants at Trinity receive specialist training and have extensive experience which enables them to provide bespoke support to you and your loved ones. Care that is respectful, dignified and entirely tailored to you.

Our Live-in care services will provide a specially trained care assistant to support you or your loved one full-time. Having a live-in care assistant live with you means you’ll receive one-to-one bespoke support to help you live an enriched quality of life in your own home.

Visiting Home Care is available from once a week to multiple visits each day. Sometimes known as domiciliary care, daily home care or hourly care, visiting care plans are flexible and tailored to you. Transitioning from daily home care to live-in care is a popular and straightforward option if care needs become more advanced, and our specialist Trinity team will be by your side every step of the way.


What can I expect from palliative home care?

At Trinity Homecare, we are an award-winning care provider, providing palliative care at home for over 20 years. 

We are able to provide both visiting and live-in care for those who may need palliative or end-of-life care. Whichever service you receive, you can expect to gain help with the following:

  • A bespoke care plan tailored to you 
  • Flexible support for your changing needs 
  • Respectful and dignified personal care
  • Managing physical symptoms such as pain
  • Support with medication
  • Emotional and psychological support
  • Personal care and help with things like washing, dressing or eating
  • Food preparation and assistance with eating and drinking
  • A support network for yourself and your loved ones


What is the difference between palliative care and end-of-life care?

Palliative home care is a type of care that supports anyone living with a terminal illness or complex condition and is available from the first diagnosis through to end-of-life.

End-of-life care is a type of palliative care that is designed to provide comfortable, dignified and respectful support as a person reaches the end of their life, and can be offered alongside the nursing care available from your GP. However, palliative care is not just for the end-of-life – you may begin palliative care earlier in your illness, while you are still receiving other therapies to treat your condition.

Receiving palliative care in an at-home environment offers a sense of security that allows you or your loved ones to be surrounded by comfort and familiarities with no upheaval and without disruption.


Why choose palliative home care?

You or a dearly loved family member can receive the appropriate care and medical support that you require without having the added stress of upheaving your life to move into a hospice. We support family members in maintaining the quality of life they deserve whilst remaining in a safe and comfortable setting.

Palliative home care offers caring, specialised support based on the personal needs of the individual rather than their prognosis, therefore with palliative care at home, you can receive specialist support in the areas that you need it most.


Contact Trinity today 

If you wish to explore the end of life care options available for yourself or a much-loved family member, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss the palliative care at home services and support that we can provide. You can speak to one of our compassionate care experts by calling 020 4530 8756 or if you feel more comfortable filling out one of our online contact forms, you can do so here and we can begin your assessment to explore your palliative home care options. 




Who can receive palliative care at home?

Palliative care is suitable for anyone that has been diagnosed with a complex or terminal illness. Trinity Homecare offers palliative care services for a variety of conditions. No matter your needs, our team is here to help provide compassionate care and attention in every way that you require. 


What does palliative home care help with?

Our team of warm and friendly trained carers will support you with personal care from bathing and getting dressed to medical support in providing medication and treatments. Our loving carers will also take care of all household tasks including cooking, cleaning and other errands that need attending to. 


How much does palliative care at home cost?

Live-in care usually offers the most appropriate level of support for palliative or end-of-life care, but different packages such as visiting care may also be suitable. Contact a member of our team today to discuss all of your palliative care options. 


Our managed live-in care service is regulated by the CQC and rated as Outstanding. With this service, you will have a carefully matched care worker to live with you in your home. In addition, you will receive full support 7 days a week from our office team and management staff, as well as access to our online TrinityConnect portal – an online app that records all care notes. Prices for managed live-in palliative care service starts from £1232.00 per week.


How do I know which type of care is right for me?

In order to understand when it is most appropriate to receive palliative care services at home, we recommend talking to your regular GP or doctor as they will be able to offer the best prognosis of your ongoing condition. From here they will assess your care options and discuss how palliative care can be an appropriate solution for you.


When should someone be offered palliative care?

Yourself or a loved one can receive palliative care support as soon as a doctor feels it would be appropriate. It does not matter how far you are into your terminal illness, rather it is based on the amount/type of care that you require. 


What is included in palliative care services?

  • Medical treatments – collecting prescriptions, providing medication for pain relief and further symptoms
  • Physical support – providing support for those with restricted mobility 
  • Emotional support – someone to talk to and share your experiences with
  • Social care – helping with personal cleanliness, meal preparation, cleaning and further house chores


How long does palliative care last?

We provide palliative care services for as long as yourself or a family member may require. Our main focus is ensuring that your loved ones receive the best quality of care that they deserve for however long they require it. Whether our palliative care services are required for months or even years we will continue to assess the support we are providing to ensure that all your needs are taken care of.