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Peace of mind from £29 per week

When you’re living away from elderly family and trying to work out whether they really are ok, it can be difficult to get to the bottom of how they’re coping. Are they eating well? Can they make it down to the shops? Have they fallen? If you are starting wonder if Mum or Dad has lost confidence when taking a walk outside, if they really have attended that doctors appointment, or met up with friends, then our Peace of Mind Support Plan can help give reassurance.

How our peace of mind support plans work

Using a combination of technology and a weekly visit from a Trinity Homecarer, this plan has been created with the care and safety of your loved one in mind. It provides a simple solution so you don’t have to be in two places at once!

The technology is an to easy to use phone that families can configure remotely to check on their loved one’s movements, coupled with a short pop in visit from a member of our care team each week.  Mum and Dad get a great phone and the family get peace of mind.

“The carers have become my friends. They’re so friendly and interested in me – I feel lucky to have them.”

Norma Wilson, aged 84 years.

Our peace of mind support plan provides

  • A mobile phone designed specifically for elderly users
  • A web portal that allows families to manage and configure the service so you can set up contacts, reminders and appointments remotely
  • An SOS button that can be programmed for individual contacts, acting as an emergency pendant both within and outside the home
  • The ability to set up GPS zones at scheduled times so you can be alerted if your loved one is wandering or leaving a defined area (and you can see where they are)
  • A weekly visit from one of our trained professional staff to help keep an eye on things and provide feedback to family members

Benefits of a peace of mind support plan

  • Enhanced peace of mind for family members – you can check up on mum and dad without feeling as if you’re being intrusive
  • Improves confidence – your loved one can leave the home, knowing there is a safety net
  • Helps support agreed to routines – reminders for taking medication or regular check ups
  • Good value for money – a small investment which can help prepare for the future
  • Provides care and safety for your loved one from a distance
  • Totally discreet and unintrusive
  • Can be tailored to your individual needs and easily combined with any of our other services

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