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Care Friends – The App. 

At Trinity Homecare, we value our carers and are constantly on the lookout for new team members to join us in making a difference. Without the talented individuals we recruit, Trinity Homecare wouldn’t be possible!

To thank our carers and grow our business with likeminded people, we have recently launched an app called “Care Friends”. The app will reward our carers for their consistent hard work and loyalty and is a fantastic opportunity to connect with one another.



Compatible with all smartphones, the Care Friends App is free to install and easy to use. You can download the app from either Google Play or the Apple App store at just a tap of a finger. Once registered, you can begin to share our jobs, earning points, rewards and even more- earn money!

How Does Care Friends Work?

You may have a relative or a friend who demonstrates those personal, caring and trusting qualities we look for in our team. By referring them to us, or by simply sharing a job, you can instantly gain points.

You can also gain “bonus points” for when you go above and beyond. It may be that you have 100% attendance or you received a glowing review from one of our care receivers.

Extra Cash

Why would you want to gain points? Well, each Care Friends point is worth a cash amount! You can cash in these points and the money received will go into your salary for you to spend however you wish.


Below is a video that tells you everything you need to know about the app. Take a look.


To download the app, click one of the links below to get started.

Apple App Store Link:  

Google Play Store Link: