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You don’t have the X-factor? Perhaps you have the 6C-factor.

Trinity Homecare takes pride in its ability to hire and train good carers. To deliver on the principles of good care, you first need to have the right qualities – which boil down to what we call the 6Cs.

Trinity carer at work


Care means empathy and understanding. To provide good care, you need to care about your customers – their needs, their limitations, their wishes.


A large part of being a carer is communication – whether it’s just having a chat over a cup of tea, or helping a dementia sufferer manage their daily routine. Good communication is about being a good listener, enjoying the art of conversation. Many care customers relish their visits – help them enjoy your time together.

“I feel so privileged that someone trusts you enough to come into their home and care for them. You can learn so much from your clients,” says Hazel Taylor, who has made quite the career from caring for others.


As a carer, you are helping people who can’t help themselves. This requires a steadfast and matter-of-fact approach to just getting the job done.


Knowing how to make a decent cup of tea is part of the job, as is administering pills or helping customers deal with day to day things that they struggle with on their own.

Live-in carer Charlotte says, “Because many of the Care Managers at Trinity have previously been live-in carers themselves, they really understand what it takes to be a live-in carer.”


Live-in carer Louise explained this best when she said, “It takes kindness and compassion to care for people in their own homes and to understand their point of view and needs. You also need to have a sense of humour and be a good listener as clients often want to talk about their lives and have interesting stories to tell.”


A commitment to the role and to the customers is an important part of the job.

See Trinity carers in action

Watch this video of some of our carers in action, talking about the job.

If you would like fulfilling and rewarding work where you can make a difference – please join us.

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