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We’re proud to support our carers

Take a moment to think about how much has changed in your life during the last 30 years. Careers, relationships, adventures, events… the course of our lives is constantly evolving and changing. Over time, life’s journeys may take us to unexpected places which bring new challenges, but someone who’s dedicated the last 30 years to changing challenges to opportunities is one of our TrinityCarers, Janet Manning.

Janet began her career in care by providing home help to those in need:

“The industry has changed so much since I began in care. When I started, home help generally included tasks like housekeeping and general companionship, and I was glad to give it”

Over the years, the care industry has become increasingly regulated and Janet has experienced the changing times first-hand, achieving many qualifications along the way.

Her most cherished achievements, according to Janet, are the ones which aren’t recognised with a certificate or qualification, but moments that make her think “yes this is it, this is why I’m a carer”. It could be something as simple as a smile or a laugh, but Janet says that those moments are memories to treasure, knowing that her care has truly enriched someone’s life.

“I’ve lived in the same world that my clients have lived” and that’s what makes Janet’s relationships with her clients truly special.

Our Epsom team are delighted to have the support of such a committed TrinityCarer:Janet is one of our TrinityCarers

Janet is now approaching her 81st birthday and proving that caring truly has no age limit! Having been a part of the care industry for over 30 years, Janet has well and truly earned a comfortable retirement… but her dedicated and compassionate nature truly knows no bounds and Janet recently returned to care, determined to continue enriching the lives of others.

Janet’s recent return to care has been a true inspiration to us all and we’ve all been asking her what her what her secret is.

The secret, according to Janet, is to appreciate both the good and the bad in equal measure and on the good days, hold on to those memories and say to yourself:

 “this is it, this is why I’m a carer”.

Janet’s proactive attitude to life is infectious and you’ll find yourself smiling for hours after just 5 minutes in her company! We’re proud to have Janet as one of our TrinityCarers and we hope that she’ll continue to inspire others to care, regardless of age or circumstance.

Keep breaking down those stereotypes Janet, we’re right beside you!