6th November 2019

Signs and Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Signs and Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease Parkinson’s disease is a condition in which parts of the brain become progressively damaged over the years. The symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are usually

24th September 2019

Living With Parkinson’s Disease

What should you expect living with Parkinson’s disease? This blog holds key insight surrounding what you should expect when living with Parkinson’s disease, how it can affect day to day

3rd February 2016

Parkinson’s care groups in Surrey

There are a number of Parkinson's care and support groups in Surrey that can offer free and practical advice on the day-to-day management of Parkinson's.

29th August 2013

What Is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological condition, where the lack of the brain chemical dopamine causes peoples’ movement become slower. The cause of deficiency of dopamine is caused by deceased brain nerve cells.