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Trinity Homecare’s Valentine’s Day tips for families and care workers

For some, Valentine’s Day is a painful reminder that their loved ones are no longer with them. For many elderly people, their husbands or wives have passed away and they are unable to celebrate Valentine’s Day like they once used to. Just like many other public holidays, it can be an isolating time of year in which people can feel alone.

However, Valentine’s Day is not just about intimate, loving relationships. It is about the ability to show care and warmth to another person, and companionship too. It is the perfect opportunity to show someone that they are cared for and that someone, somewhere is thinking of them.

Why not do something special for your loved ones who may need that extra support? We have made a list of ideas that are both easy and thoughtful, which will bring smiles all round.

Write a heartfelt card

Writing a card seems basic enough but when pen is put to paper, there is a lot of sentiment in it. You could write a simple message that reminds them that they are thought of and loved. Personalised cards or old photos are also a fantastic way of bringing warm memories to the forefront of their minds. It is always a nice idea to involve any grandchildren or younger relatives as well. Having a younger person involved is a wonderful way of allowing your loved one to see how things have changed but in a positive light.

A Grandchild giving a heartfelt Valentine’s Card to her Grandma

If you are a carer, of course, it is important that you stay within your boundaries. But there is no harm in sending a heartfelt card that says you are happy to care for them and enjoy their company.

Spend quality time together

A simple visit can make a world of difference to someone who is lonely. Whether it be a fleeting visit for a cup of tea or an outing for lunch, spending time with the elderly can prevent the onset of depression and reduce loneliness. If it is difficult to spend time with your loved one then why not arrange your care worker to stop by? You can let the care worker know how important the day is and share these tips with them.

If you haven’t got care arranged and are concerned about your loved one’s lack of companionship, why not have a chat with our experienced consultant to see how we can help.

Plan a special day out to show you care

If your relative or friend had a particular place that they used to visit with their partner, why not take them there? You could even spend some time listening to their favourite songs or films that remind them of when they were young, free and in love. Bringing back such memories is a great way to make them feel better during a lonely time of year.

Buy your loved one a Valentine’s gift

Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse to buy your loved one a thoughtful gift

Gifts don’t have to be expensive or extravagant. Again, it is about the thought and sentiment behind it which counts. Whilst you should be able to treat your loved on at any time, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to show them just how special they are. You could get them a simple rose, a CD with their favourite songs on or something personalised.

 Enjoy the day

Whatever you end up doing today, we wish you all a very happy valentine’s day. We know many of our care workers will be out and about today supporting those who need love and care the most and we couldn’t be more grateful to have them!