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5 days of hiking across 70km The Great Wall of China over rugged terrain is certainly not for the faint-hearted, but our Hazel’s determination and dedication helped her and the rest of her team support the Alzheimer’s Society and overcome the challenges they faced with stories to share and experiences to treasure forever.

Sharing experiences and supporting the Alzheimer’s Society

Hazel was joined by 32 other walkers from all over the country who are all united by their experiences of dementia and their passion to support the Alzheimer’s Society and their research.

Over 10 million people visit The Great Wall of China every year and although the attraction sites are heaving with tourists, Hazel describes how other parts of the wall are quite treacherous with ancient stones crumbling away to a sheer drop.

“The risk of falling was real and I was surprised at quite how high the wall can be above the ground at times”!

These parts of the wall are being slowly restored, and Hazel laid a brick with note concealed in the cement as a loving legacy to her mum and her clients who lived with dementia.

Hazel’s journey

“From the day I signed up for the challenge, I remembered my mum saying “don’t put of until tomorrow what you can do today”, and she was my constant inspiration throughout my training. My mum found magic in music and singing when she was living with dementia, and I carried her song in my heart the whole way”

Hazel Alzheimer's walk

Working in care has its challenges, however, the rewards far outweigh any of them for Hazel. Hazel describes how she feels honoured and have been part of supporting so many lives, making a difference and helping peoples on their journey, each of whom have left her with special memories. Hazel walked in memory of the people who have taught her the greatest life lessons both in their life and in their memory.

“For my clients who have taught me value of non-verbal communication, that you don’t need to see clearly to apply makeup, that accepting a small packet of chocolate buttons can bring such happiness and self worth to the person giving and that Calamity Jane is should be one of my favourite films.”

Congratulations Hazel from all of us here at Trinity Homecare! 

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