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Home Care Day 2019 – Our Home Care Heroes

Being a carer is far from an easy job. However, many of us chose to do it because of the huge job satisfaction that comes with it. Knowing that you are able to help people and really make a difference is an extremely rewarding feeling.

What does it mean to be a carer?

When we asked our carers and staff what it meant for them to be in their job, here is what they said:

“Being a carer means I am able to give back to society”- Anonymous TrinityCarer

“It means I am able to help people less able than me. Knowing that I can be the person to help someone who may be in crisis is incredible”- Wendy, TrinityCarer.

“Care is the reason I live and breathe… if I could be that person to care and support everyone, I could change their lives. My dad would be extremely proud”- Care Manager, Claire Eaves.

Trinity’s Homecare Heroes

In our eyes, everyone at Trinity is a hero. Whether it be one of our care managers or coordinators, our learning and development team, our accountant or our carers themselves – each and everyone at Trinity deserves praise for their continuous hard work, dedication and commitment to our patients.

Admittedly, our carers are at the very heart of our business. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to achieve what we have done so far and so it is important that they are recognised for this. Unfortunately, too often in this industry, carers lack the recognition they deserve and we want to change this.

Take a look at some of our most recent reviews

“Laima has always been a very kind and helpful carer to me. As well as care she has helped me a lot with conversation, posting letters and advice. I have complete trust in Laima. She is a wonderful carer and I look forward to her visits very much indeed. Would also like to praise Corind and Claire for their very kind help including shopping visits.” – Peter L

“Pam always showed amazing loving care for my Mother, always being there for her, even on her days off.” – Terry A

“We are so pleased with Trinity, both in the ease with which they have enabled the care to happen for Mum and the delivery of the care. They were a lifeline in helping in a very stressful situation as we started understanding what was needed. It is so difficult when Mums requirements changed so quickly and we had no experience of what is and was available, Trinity went above and beyond and out ot their way to explain and help us, they were invaluable. The live in team have also been so helpful, kind and professional for which we are very grateful. The administration has been simple, clear, comprehensive and thorough. I am so reassured to have the Care App, it is helpful to be able to see at a glance what is happening.” – Bridget B

You can see more of our reviews here!

Thank you

As usual, we would like to thank all of our staff at Trinity for their hard work. In our eyes, you are all heroes, and we couldn’t be more proud!