Mental wellbeing tips and advice

It is natural for many of us to feel overwhelmed with the recent outbreak of COVID-19- even more so now that we are under a strict lockdown, with many of us working from home and unable to see close members of family and relatives.

At Trinity Homecare, we want to offer as much reassurance and guidance as possible during such unprecedented times. Whilst we have a page that is dedicated to providing information surrounding COVID-19, we want to offer tips and advice as to how you can help your wellbeing.

Feeling anxious or worried?

It is normal to feel anxious and worried right now. Because we have never experienced something like this before, feeling anxiety is your body’s natural response to the situation. Your fears may be rational in worrying about an elderly relative or that you may catch the virus. To minimalize these worries, we urge you to follow NHS advice. In the meantime, take a look at other ways you can benefit your mental wellbeing.

What you can do to help your mental wellbeing


Exercise and eat well

Boris Johnson recently announced that we are limited in the activities which we would usually do. However, we are entitled to go out once a day for exercise, keeping our distance from other people and sticking to only going out with those in your household. Participating in exercise such as a short walk, a cycle or even dancing in your front room can have many benefits. Exercise has proven to boost what we describe as “happy hormones”. Going outside will also enable you to get a healthy intake of Vitamin-D which is proven to reduce anxiety and depression.


Keep in contact with loved ones

Whilst we are unable to physically see everyone we love, video chats are an excellent way of communicating with one another. Seeing other people’s faces helps us to stay connected to one another and can reduce the feeling of feeling alone. It is also important to stay in touch with those more vulnerable, elderly or those who may be living by themselves. A short telephone call can go a long way, reminding some people that we are in this together.

Take up a new hobby

We all have a list of things we have wanted to try out. It could be that you want to learn a new language, learn how to knit or even partake in some creative activities such as painting. Getting creative and learning new things will take your mind off of any anxiety you may be feeling and will leave a feeling of accomplishment. It will also keep the mind stimulated.

Minimalise news intake

Whilst we all want to keep up to date with current news and updates surrounding COVID-19, it is important that we do not “overdo it” and only get our information from trustworthy and reliable sources. Minimalise the time you spend on your phones, electronic devices and reading the news.

Get support

The majority of support services are running as usual. At Trinity Homecare, we recently introduced a free helpline for all of our staff. If you feel that you are struggling to cope, then call 0345 074 2799 free today.

If you are not an employee of ours, there are many charitable organisations who will lend a listening ear. Mind UK is a fantastic charity that offers support services for those who may be struggling to cope. Whatever it is you are facing, you are not alone.