Beside the wining, the dining, the frocks and the frills of the evening, it was an absolute honour to stand beside our nominees as the Trinity Homecare team at the Surrey Care Awards.

Having received 5 nominations, we all waited in nervous anticipation for the evening’s events to unfold. Winners for other categories were awarded their prizes and a smattering of polite applause followed each announcement.

Then the time was upon us as the words ‘Beyond the Call of Duty Award’ flashed across the stage, illuminating the expectant faces of the crowd. Our nominees were read aloud with a short introduction to their nominations.

Pam was described as having “an ability to turn a stressful situation into a funny one with just a look or a word” and showing “empathy and compassion to all of her clients, fellow carers and whoever is lucky enough to meet her”. Hamdi was commended for her “incredible presence of mind when a speeding car crashed through the front room of her client’s house” and Shona was praised for her “wealth of knowledge” which has enabled her to help social services with difficult circumstances.

“And the winner is… Shona Kendall from Trinity Homecare!”

The Trinity Homecare table erupted in cheers of delight!


Congratulations from all of us Shona!

Before we knew it, it was time to announce the ‘Care Manager of the Year Award’. Our own Di Yorke was nominated for the award and in this notoriously tough category, Di was congratulated for joining the “Level 5 Adult and Social Care Programme” and for supporting her team “to fulfil their potential”.

We all cheered and applauded the success of all of our finalists and we rounded off the awards with our nomination for the ‘Innovation and Good Practice in Staff Recruitment and Retention Award’, for which we were celebrated for “working to provide an accredited training programme to build confidence” of our staff.

Congratulations to Shona, Pam, Hamdi and Di! We’re delighted that your hard work and dedication is being recognized not only by us here at Trinity Homecare, but also by clients and other care professionals.

We would like to extend this thanks to everyone in the Trinity Homecare team for your ongoing commitment to your clients and support for one another.


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