Important: Homecare - A safe option during COVID-19

Why is live-in care the best method of care for you or your loved ones? 

In today’s world, families simply don’t have enough time to provide a sufficient level of care for our elderly due to time demanding lifestyles. Work related pressures and the responsibility of younger family members leaves our loved ones facing the daunting idea of a care home. What if we told you live-in care was the perfect alternative? 

Here, we will explain why live-in and visiting home care services are better alternatives to residential or nursing home care for the elderly and disabled. 

Happier at Home

For those who are ill or less able to fully care for themselves, the thought of moving to a residential home can be a very scary thought. Moving away from the familiarity of home, friends, partners and pets leaves the majority of individuals very upset and unsettled. Who would want that? 

That’s where we come in… Trinity HomeCare offer one-to-one live in care services in the safety and comfort of your own home. We are the perfect alternative to a residential home or a nursing home for those who need a heartfelt helping hand. 

Those who use live in care services have a greater independence compared to those who live in a care home –  giving them more control of their daily life. Live in care offers an unrestrictive environment in which you can do what you like, whenever you like, without interference.

The live-in care hub suggest 37% of all care home residents never leave, compared to 21% with a live in carer. Live-in care services have a direct advantage as they allow one to one support and proactive encouragement to live an enriched lifestyle beyond your home environment. Daily outdoor activities boost mental health, which can have a positive snowball effect on an individual’s recovery.

Healthier at Home

Research also suggests that home care improves health and wellbeing at a faster rate than moving into a residential home. This proves live in care and visiting care methods are more effective both mentally and physically.

Live-in care methods allow custom meals to be tailored completely around the client. This helps improve overall health and wellbeing through nutritious value whilst lowering the chance of digestive problems. You essentially have your own personal chef that cooks tasty meals on demand – which also helps put a big smile on your face.

Live-in and visiting home care also lowers the chance of acquiring infections that could be caught from other members within a care home. One to one care and support from home also means less hospital visits, which lowers the chance of catching nosocomial infections and becoming ill.

Safer at Home

Due to age, frailty and medical conditions, those who need care are the most susceptible to the risk of falling. The impact of falls increase with age and are often influenced by medical issues that impair cognitive function such as Parkinson’s, dementia or strokes. Falls most commonly occur during the night-time when elderly people try to navigate obstacles in the dark whilst tired and disoriented. 

Serious falls place great strain on the NHS as they cost more than £2.3 billion per year. Research findings show those with live in care are significantly less likely to fall and cause injury than those in residential and nursing homes. 

Person centred attention reduces the amount of falls by a third and lowers the risk of elderly people facing hip fractures by 75%. This is a serious issue for the elderly as every year 5,000 people die shortly after a hip fracture. This is the equivalent of more than one person every two hours, and one in five of those accidents takes place in a residential or nursing home.


When it comes to care, there is overwhelming evidence that full time, individual focused, one-to-one care with compassion produces a substantially better experience for the vast majority of people than a residential home. 

This applies to mental and physical health as there is conclusive evidence that home care is the best alternative for those who need help. It is our goal to give you the help you need whilst you stay happy in your own home.

The level of home care required is dictated by individual, hence why we fully tailor care plans around our clients. For those who need full time support, we offer live in care services where our carers are there for you 24/7. If you want to maintain independence, we offer visiting home care for first class help with your daily routine.

To discover more about our care options, contact our team to see how we can help you. You can call a member of our friendly customer service team on 0203 944 4208.