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Home care from under £50 per week

This weekly budget is suited to our ‘Companionship and home help‘ service, which will provide you or your loved one with regular company, reassurance and support.

For under £50 per week, we can provide a team of carers who can visit you or your loved ones two or three times a week (depending on the length of visits) for a welfare check and companionship. Many of our clients start with a small amount of support each week, and this enables us to establish and build a relationship with you and your loved ones by keeping an eye on your health and wellbeing.

Case study: Ellie Adams

84-year-old Ellie Adams moved to London from the North to be near her children when her husband died, but she knew no-one and felt lonely when her children went to work.


Once, or twice a week, one of the Trinity home care team drop in just to say hello, take Ellie out for a coffee, a stroll to the shops or pop into town. They also keep an eye on whether she has taken her medication. For the Adams family, the care team have provided companionship and reassurance. “I would get very down if I was by myself all the time,” says Ellie. “The carers are so lovely and friendly – I feel very lucky to have them.”

Approximate budget:

£50 per week

*(Names have been changed to protect privacy.)

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  • We use the latest technology to record our care notes - ensuring the safety, welfare and confidentiality of our clients
  • Dedicated care manager and support team
  • Regular welfare checks ensure you're receive the support you need
  • Heartfelt companionship will tackle loneliness
  • Confidence to live the life you love
  • Discover new experiences and even take up new hobbies
  • Assistance with light domestic tasks
  • This budget could enable us to provide occasional respite care to give your main carer a break

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