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Care is no different to most things in life – planning ahead is just good sense. Thinking about your care options now means you’ll have more choice, and control in the future and yet we know it’s hard to imagine a time when you or your parents might not be quite so independent. That’s why at Trinity, we’ve made it easier to begin planning for your future care in an understated way. Whether it’s someone popping in once a week to say hello or someone to do the ironing, we can offer many different ways to begin planning for the long term.

Gives more choice and control

Planning for the future is hard because you never really know how your needs, or the needs of a loved one might change but when you have a Trinity carer popping in throughout the week, they can keep an eye on any changing needs and support you in making all your decisions.

Builds relationships 

When caring for others, relationships are everything. Building a relationship with a Trinity carer now means we’ll have a real understanding of how we can best help if your needs change in the future.

Support your family and your future

By creating a support network for yourself early on, you can help prevent falls and other accidents because there are people looking out for you. It also means less pressure on your family because they know that we are caring too.

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How could planning ahead help me in the future?

  • More choice and control
  • Less rushed decisions
  • You'll have a bespoke care plan that's ready to start
  • Monitoring of your health and well-being
  • Companionship
  • Peace of mind for you and your loved ones

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