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Introducing TrinityConnect – our system for recording notes digitally

At Trinity Homecare, we have invested in pioneering technology and our new digital system called TrinityConnect will enable us to provide the highest standards of service to all of our clients – a service that is personal, trusted and caring. Here, you can find out more about our latest initiative, which will help our transition to paperless records in 2018. There will be many benefits for our clients, their next of kin and our care staff.

Download our TrinityConnect guide here

We also encourage you to read on and visit the Trinity Homecare YouTube channel to see some practical videos of how our new technology works. If you have any questions, please contact your care manager in the first instance.

“I live overseas, thousands of miles away from my elderly mum. As she has Alzheimer’s, I understand that whenever I ring her for a chat she may be unable to express how she is doing. I now have access to TrinityCarers’ notes, it has helped me to feel so much more connected. I appreciate their honesty, they make a note of her more confused days. They also record specific problems like her arthritis pain, lost spectacles, washing problems etc. Most of all I feel as if my mum is getting daily contact with the Trinity girls, I do so appreciate that. The notes are a wonderful method of somehow having a view across the miles of how my mum seems.” TrinityConnect Next of Kin User

What is TrinityConnect?

TrinityConnect is available for our managed services (Daily home care and Trinity-managed live-in care) our digital system which will act in the same way as the paper records previously contained in the ‘Personal Care Plan’ folder. Your personal care plan, emergency contact information, important documents, care notes, medication records and medical information will be stored digitally, and your TrinityCarers will update it via an app on their tablet or mobile phone. As TrinityCarers record information using the app, your care management team will view these updates as a live feed and they will be able to monitor events in real time.

Features of TrinityConnect

You are able to access your records via the app, which your care management team will be able to arrange for you. At Trinity Homecare, we are passionate about fulfilling our commitments to transparency and ensuring that both you and your loved ones feel confident and reassured. We have developed next of kin access as part of our TrinityConnect service which will enable both you and your loved one to remotely access:

  • Important documents such as your care plan and emergency contact information
  • The visit schedule and who is due to attend
  • The details of past and future visits
  • The tasks which have been completed and if any tasks have not been completed, including notes to explain why
  • Daily care records and notes made during visits for daily home care and throughout the day for live-in care

Please note: access for anyone other than yourself and your Trinity Homecare team will only be given upon your request and after we have received your consent.


Why are you using TrinityConnect?

At Trinity Homecare, we’re committed to supporting everyone through life’s journeys. Your wellbeing and peace of mind are of fundamental importance to us, and by usingTrinityConnect, we are able to provide both you and your loved ones with transparency and consistency.

TrinityConnect will enable us to improve communication between your TrinityCarers and your care management team by sharing information as a live feed. Having this live screen in the office will enable your Care Manager to monitor visits in real time and respond faster to any issues, missed visits, or alerts raised by your TrinityCarers.

Your safety is our absolute priority and switching to this paperless system is another way that we are helping to increase security over your information, and adding another measure to comply with the Data Protection Act.

TrinityConnect will also allow our TrinityCarers to record notes more efficiently rather than writing them out by hand, which will enable them to spend more quality time with you.

We’re also always looking for more ways to reduce our impact on the environment and switching to the TrinityConnect software will also help us to reduce the amount of paper we use.

Benefits of TrinityConnect

What information will be stored on the app?

Your Personal Care Plan, medication records, day-to-day care records, medical information and emergency contacts.

Is it safe?

The app will store information as encrypted data which makes it incredibly safe.

The app requires the user to identify themselves and input a password before they will be able to access it. This enables us to control who is able to access your confidential records.

Benefits for our clients:

  • Being able to update care plans and address alerts from a live feed enables your care team to tailor your care as much as you need without the delay of transferring paper records
  • Increased security over your confidential information
  • Improved communication between you and your care team
  • Live feed enables your care manager and care coordinator to monitor your care and respond faster to any alerts
  • You’ll be able to ask your care worker when to expect your next visit and who is due to attend (as they will have this information on their app)
  • You will have peace of mind knowing that late visits are being monitored by your care manager and care coordinator.

Benefits for your next of kin:

  • Remote access – you can view records through the app on your smartphone or tablet (provided you have formal consent*)
  • Transparency – you can view completed visits and the notes made by your loved one’s TrinityCarer
  • Able to view notes, tasks completed, medication records
  • Peace of mind knowing your loved one is receiving completely bespoke heartfelt care

Benefits for your care team:

  • TrinityCarers have access important information before a care visit begins (e.g. access details, latest updates to care plans or medications) to provide responsive, bespoke care
  • TrinityCarers can focus on delivering a more personalised service with the most up-to-date information to hand
  • Improved communication – digital information appears in a live feed, which enables your care manager to monitor the care being delivered respond efficiently to alerts or concerns logged on the TrinityConnect system
  • TrinityCarers can share the scheduled time of their next visit and who is due to attend with their client
  • Improved punctuality – TrinityCarers can see directions and the estimated travel time to their next visit
  • Alerts can be  raised easily to the care manager and office team efficiently and securely
  • Less time on audit and compliance, more time on ensuring every client receives the highest standards of care

Who can I contact?

If you have any questions or concerns which your TrinityCarers are unable to answer, please contact your Care Manager and they will be able to assist you.

What if I have more questions?

Our ‘Using our care technology TrinityConnect’ page answers the most frequently asked questions about using TrinityConnect. If in doubt, contact your care team and they will be able to assist you.