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Live-in care services

Trinity Homecare has over 20 years’ experience providing the highest standards of bespoke home health care services. We know everyone is a unique individual with different circumstances and we provide the most comprehensive range of live-in home care services available. Whether you seek Trinity managed live-in care services that include the full support and backing of our team, or require us to introduce you to a self-employed live-in carer, we are here to help find you the perfect match to support your life’s journey.

Outstanding rated Trinity managed live-in home care 

Our Trinity-managed live-in home care service provides you and your loved ones with all the support you need. We provide a dedicated live-in carer to support you around the clock so you can continue to live safely and confidently in your own home. With Trinity managed live-in care services, we are responsible for every element of your care and you have full-time support from our team seven days a week.

Trinity managed live-in care provides:

    • Full-time home care
    • ‘Outstanding rated’ services by The Care Quality Commission
    • One-to-one support with your daily routine
    • Support with personal care such as washing, dressing and any continence care (if required)
    • Someone to prepare your favourite nutritious meals
    • Confidence that medication is taken at the right times of day
    • Someone to accompany you to medical appointments or social outings
    • Companionship, friendship and reassurance
    • Someone to enjoy your hobbies, activities and crafts with
    • Someone to take care of the housekeeping and ensure your home is clean and comfortable
    • Safety – live-in care results in fewer falls and less dangerous injuries and hospital admissions than a care home
    • Better value for money than a care home
    • Our carers help you stay at home with your partner and loved ones
    • Support, peace of mind and advice for you and your loved ones

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Our Trinity-managed live-in home care service ensures that we are fully responsible for every aspect of your care. This applies from the very outset of our home care service, firstly assessing your needs, then creating your bespoke care plan and providing all the ongoing support you require in between. 


What you can expect from the Trinity Homecare team: 

  • A comprehensive care needs assessment undertaken by one of our qualified assessors
  • A bespoke personal support plan, designed just for you
  • A professional live-in carer, carefully matched to you using our CareMatch Program so you can live in harmony together
  • Full-time heartfelt care on a one-to-one basis
  • A dedicated care manager at the end of the phone if you need someone to talk to
  • Seven days a week on-call support
  • Full confidence and knowledge in our services as we are rated ‘outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

We CareMatch you to a live-in carer and conduct regular supervisions and reviews. You will also have a dedicated care manager and full-time support from our care management team. With Trinity managed live-in care, our team is here to support your life’s journey every step of the way. 

Trinity managed live-in care locations 

Our Live-in Home Care services are available across London and the Home Counties. Our team is committed to supporting our clients with a range of conditions throughout the locations below:

All of our locations of operation for live-in care can be found here

Self-managed live-in home care

Self-managed live-in home care is the second live-in care option that Trinity Homecare offer. Under our self-managed live-in care service, we act as an introduction agency, introducing self-employed live-in carers who are directly managed by you for an agreed period of time. Our self managed live-in home care services are available across the majority of England and Wales. 

Carers who are introduced to you by our self-managed service are self-employed. Trinity Homecare invoices you for an introduction fee and then an ongoing agency fee throughout the period of care. 

You will be responsible for paying the live-in carer directly and providing them with ongoing information about routine and requirements. Each carer works for a defined booking period – usually for up to eight weeks – and then hands over to a replacement in accordance with a booking schedule managed by your Trinity care manager.

Please note: Under our Self-managed live-in home care service, we are unable to influence care delivery or manage personal support plans. If you require us to do this, then please contact us regarding our Trinity-managed live-in home care service which may be more appropriate in your circumstances. 

What to expect from self-managed live-in care:

  • An initial telephone assessment to understand your individual needs and circumstances
  • Comprehensive recruitment and selection processes for all carers 
  • An introduction to your specially selected live-in carer who will provide all your care and support
  • Seven days a week on-call advice and support from our office team

With our self-managed service, a friendly member of our team will carry out a telephone assessment and listen carefully to your needs. This gives us an insight into all of your requirements. We then use our specially designed CareMatch programme to introduce you to the right self-employed live-in carer for you.

Our CareMatch programme takes into account everything from your hobbies and interests to your favourite foods. We know how important it is to find someone who will fit seamlessly into your life and understands your individual needs and lifestyle. Every carer that is introduced to you through Trinity Homecare has been carefully selected and undergoes an induction training programme before your care commences.

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If you are looking for a full-time companion to help assist you in your home with all the support and care you need – contact us today and a friendly member of our team will be happy to help. Trinity Homecare has over 20 years experience providing the highest standards of care for those who wish to remain safe, happy and independent at home. We’re personal, we’re caring and we’re trusted. 

Call us or book a call with one of our home care experts in confidence for a free quotation with no obligation to discuss your home care needs.

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Features of our live-in care service

  • The safest form of care throughout COVID-19
  • One-to-one full-time care
  • Remain at home with familiar comforts and routines
  • Personal care and specialist care for a variety of conditions
  • Home care assistants carefully selected to match your needs

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