Important: Live-in Care - The safe alternative during COVID-19

Supporting life's journeys with live-in care

Many forms of healthcare have been significantly impacted by the unprecedented health situation we face through the spread of Coronavirus. In these uncertain times, live-in care has proved to be one of the strictest, safest care options – as a caring companion lives with you in your home. As you and your carer can self-isolate together during quarantine, this significantly reduces the risk of transmission through person-to-person contact. When compared with the likes of a care home, there is much more control over a number of risk factors that can help you stay safe at home. 

Our COVID-19 Policy

At Trinity Homecare our policy is to:

  • Follow all the latest government guidance.
  • Continuous improvement for our business continuity and COVID-19 plan.
  • Work together with the United Kingdom Homecare Association (UKHCA), local care associations and our local health and social care partners to ensure our processes remain as safe as possible. 
  • Be transparent and communicate regularly with our clients, employees and wider stakeholders.

Live-in Care – the safest form of care throughout COVID-19

Our live-in care services bring a caring companion into your life. The carer will live in your home with you and provide bespoke one-to-one care on a personal level. With full-time support from our specially trained TrinityCarers, you and your loved ones will be able to live happily, safely and confidently at home – surrounded by familiar comforts.

There’s no upheaval and no disruption. Fully managed live-in home care services enable you to maintain your routine, to stay close to friends, to keep your pets and continue partaking in your hobbies and interests – or even explore new ones!

At Trinity Homecare, we are passionate about raising the profile of live-in home care because it truly enables you and your loved ones to access an enriched quality of life. A quality of life that could be lost in a care home.

Trinity Homecare has over 20 years’ experience providing bespoke home health care services. We know everyone is a unique individual with unique circumstances and we provide the most comprehensive range of live-in home care services available. Whether you require us to introduce you to a self-employed live-in carer or seek a Trinity-managed live-in care service with all the support and backing of our team, we can offer our advice and support to ensure that you find your perfect match.

Our Live-in Home Care services are available across London, Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. Call us today to see if we can help you.

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Features of our live-in care service

  • The safest form of care throughout COVID-19
  • One-to-one full-time care
  • Remain at home with familiar comforts and routines
  • Personal care and specialist care for a variety of conditions
  • Home care assistants carefully selected to match your needs

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