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From caring to nursing – Trinity changed my life

Being a TrinityCarer has changed Cyan’s life by giving her the support to pursue her career of a lifetime as a nurse

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Carers create a weekend of treats

Sarah, 22 years old, has cerebral palsy and her carers have created a weekend spa to pamper her at home.

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Caring in a convent

96-year-old Sister S wanted to remain at home in her convent. Our carers provided companionship, reassurance and routine.

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Peace of mind
Back in bloom – at 94

Di, 94, was discovered alone after a neighbour alerted social services. Our carers have replaced the family she lost.

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My life as a live-in carer

Louise loves providing an alternative option to a care home and making close friendships with her clients.

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Why I chose to become a live-in carer

Charlotte became a live-in carer because she finds it so rewarding to give someone a better quality of life.

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From banking to live-in caring

Live-in carer Sarah Brown left a career in banking to find something more meaningful.

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Live-in care is like living with family

Working in a residential home, Chris wanted more time to give to the people she cared for, so she became a live-in carer.

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Woman with cerebral palsy in wheel chair bowling with orange ball at bowling alley
Independence and freedom

Sarah came to Trinity because she needed a live-in carer who could drive. But the team soon clocked that what Sarah really needed was not just a driver – but someone who would also enjoy the ride.

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A career in care

Hazel says she began working for Trinity because we care for clients – and carers too!

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A portrait of dementia

84-year-old Angus Hallman , a psychiatrist specialising in mood and memory reflects on his own dementia.

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Daily home care builds trust

John Mackay cares on top of a full time job because of “the difference you can make to people‚Äôs lives.”

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Trinity-managed live-in care
Live-in care turns lives around

The Moore’s were struggling with Sheila’s dementia but Trinity live-in carer Mihaela turned all their lives around.

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Reassurance for the whole family

Norma moved to London to be near her children but knew no-one. Our carers provided companionship and reassurance.

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