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Fun, friends and facepacks

Most young women love a pampering session; getting their hair, nails and makeup done and feeling spoilt. Sarah, aged 22, is no exception – the only difference is that she has congenital cerebral palsy and it’s her care workers who do the pampering.

Physically, Sarah is severely restricted and just has some movement in her arms and head. Her speech is also very limited, which means her carers have to find their own language to communicate with her. Sarah is mentally active though; she remembers -and enjoys – being with lots of different kinds of people. She was able to take on a job in the summer, serving ice creams at one of her parents’ pubs, a role she relished.

Sarah attends a residential school for most of the year but comes home every other weekend and for the holidays, which is when Trinity steps in to offer support. Two carers come in twice a day to help her up in the morning and put her to bed at night. She loves art and listening to music, which her carers build into their time together.

After working with Sarah for several years, her carers know her very well and have built up a great relationship with her. When another Trinity team member visited recently for a regular review, they said:

“It felt just like walking into a pyjama party!”

Everyone was having a great time and the person having the most fun? Sarah of course.