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Working in care gives a positive perspective

“Knowing that I’m doing something meaningful and helping people live the life they want to live inspires me,” says 31-year-old carer, Sarah Brown. “I love my job.”

Having gained a degree in corporate finance, Sarah began a high-flying job with an international bank, or as she puts it: “making rich people richer,” and over the years she became increasingly disillusioned with her choice of career.

“I just thought – is this really where I want to be in 20 years time?” she says. And with that, she left and began volunteering with the Salvation Army, caring for people with a wide variety of disabilities; working with the homeless; visiting squats; and handing out food parcels. It was a far cry from the world of finance – and she loved it.

“People with disabilities look at the world in a different way. A way that I can appreciate. They’re not interested in accumulating wealth or finding happiness through money.”

Arriving in the UK from Perth, Australia, last year, Sarah immediately enrolled with Trinity and began working as a live-in carer, which has the added bonus of allowing her time to travel. The job she landed means she works three weeks on and three weeks off, meaning she can travel during her time off.

“Trinity was recommended to me by a friend in South Africa, who said they were a brilliant agency.”

The Trinity team have matched her with someone who is also a keen traveller – 40-year-old Sarah Henley, who has cerebral palsy, and has travelled to many far-flung places across the world. And now the two Sarah’s love to travel together.

“I so enjoy being with Sarah. We have become very comfortable with each other,” she says. “She has such a brilliant sense of humour and can be so mischievous, she can have me crying with laughter.”

Living in with Sarah means she not only does all the practical jobs that need doing around the house but with the help of a hoist, she gets her showered and dressed, and then into her chair, ready for the day. “It is a hands-on job and I am probably the fittest I have ever been,” she says. “I need to be fit to give my best to Sarah.”

But the job is not all about the practicalities. “Sarah is always on the go and we end up seeing and doing so much. I love getting out and about with her,” she says. From celebrating Chinese New Year with a slap up lunch in China Town, to enjoying the sights of the big city from the London Eye, Sarah delights in their daily adventures.

It’s the perfect match. The two of them are even planning a skiing holiday together!