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Bespoke Home Care

As a bespoke care agency, our home care services are entirely flexible to you, your condition and your needs. We are an outstanding rated care organisation that provide the very highest levels of bespoke care. For many, receiving personalised care in your home is a much-preferred alternative over moving into a residential setting. 

What is bespoke home care? 

The mission of bespoke home care is to allow you to remain safe at home enjoying your independence & quality of life. Our compassionate team of TrinityCarers provide you with the highest levels of care with a personalised care plan that is designed around you. 

Trinity Homecare’s bespoke care at home

Within the initial stages of our bespoke care service, we create a personal support plan that is tailored specifically to you. This can be companionship, visiting care, bespoke live-in care services and more. 

No matter if you require a weekly care visit, a companion for regular trips out, or full-time assistance through bespoke care at home. We are here to offer a heartfelt helping hand. 

Before we begin any bespoke care or support, we will visit you in your home to get to know you as a person, listen to your needs and really understand what you require from our services. This allows us to create a personalised care plan that fulfils your needs entirely and gives you access to an enriched lifestyle in your home environment. 

In cases that require highly personalised care, we can adopt an integrated approach that combines as many forms of care as you wish. We know your needs may change over time, and that’s why our team of carers and care managers regularly review your personal care plan. Doing so allows us to make any necessary amendments based around your changing requirements. 

Benefits of bespoke home care

  • Maintain your lifestyle and independence – You get to stay in the comfort of your own home
  • Personalised care – the service is entirely personal and configured around your individual needs
  • Better quality of life – More independence & empowerment to live life how you want
  • Greater flexibility – the visits can be fitted around your needs and desired routine
  • Value for money – you pay for the one-to-one time you require, nothing more
  • Better support – personalised care gives you full attention from the carers providing for you 
  • Peace of mind – for yourself and your loved ones that you are receiving the highest standards of care in your home 

Types of bespoke home care services

The care that we provide within our service depends entirely on what you need from our team. This could be help administering medication, tidying the house, ensuring you attend medical appointments, personal care and much more. Whatever you need, we are there and ready to support you on your life’s journey. 

The beauty of Trinity Homecare’s bespoke service surrounds the fact that all personal care plans are entirely flexible to you. 

What to expect from Trinity’s bespoke care team: 

  • A comprehensive assessment of your needs within your home
  • A personalised care support plan tailored specifically to you 
  • Highly trained, professional and compassionate care staff
  • Access to a dedicated care manager
  • Backup and local support from our field-based senior carers and care managers
  • On-call telephone support whenever you need us 

Our team of friendly staff are what makes us the ‘outstanding’ rated care bespoke care agency that we are today. We’re personal, we’re caring, and we’re trusted to provide you with the care that you deserve, whatever form of care that may be. 

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If you are looking for bespoke care at home, you are in the right place. No matter your requirements, condition or circumstances, our bespoke home care plans can be designed specifically around you. We understand that everyone is different with different needs, and that’s why we do everything in our power to ensure every client requirement is met with the highest of standards. 

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