We’ll help you find the right live-in carer

At Trinity, we’re passionate about supporting at-home independence to empower people to live life as they choose. Over the past 20 years of providing care, we have seen that having a dedicated carer in your home, who totally understands you and your needs, brings great reassurance and peace of mind.

Under our Self-managed live-in home care service, we act as an introduction agency, introducing live-in self-employed carers, who are directly managed by you for an agreed period of time.

At Trinity Homecare, we take a great deal of care to ensure we choose just the right person to live in harmony with you in your home. We do this through our specially designed program called MatchCare, which takes into account everything from your hobbies and interests to your favourite foods. We know how important it is to find someone who understands your individual needs and lifestyle.

In terms of how it works, you pay the live-in carer directly and provide them with your daily routine. Each carer works for a defined period – usually for up to eight weeks – and then hands over to a replacement in accordance with a booking schedule managed by a dedicated Care Manager. Carers are self-employed and handle their own tax and National Insurance contributions. Trinity invoices you solely for an introduction fee.

We find this service tends to be used by people who are able to manage their own care and whose needs are more about companionship or smaller amounts of personal care. If you require more than this, our Trinity-managed live in home care plan may be more suitable, as under this service we are unable to influence your care or manage personal support plans.

“Making a real difference to people’s lives is so rewarding. I feel I am helping people achieve independence and maintain dignity in their twilight years.” Charlotte – Live-in carer

With our self-managed service, one of our team will visit you at your home, listening carefully to discover your needs and find out all about you – your likes and dislikes. We then create a unique care needs assessment and using our specially designed Matchcare program match you with just the right carer to live with you in your home. Every member of the Trinity caring team has been carefully selected and trained with our specialist in-house trainers, who have also spent time caring for those at home.

Everyone on the Trinity Homecare team believes that true caring starts and ends with companionship, and taking the time to be a friend. This means all of our carers have a real understanding of exactly what it takes to deliver intuitive, heartfelt care. And we also take the time to support our carers – offering on-going guidance and assistance – so they can truly support you.

What to expect with our Self-managed live-in home care service

  • An initial care needs assessment to understand your individual needs
  • Comprehensive recruitment, selection and vetting of all introduced live-in carers
  • An introduction to your specially selected live-in carer who will provide all your care and support
  • 24×7 on-call advice and support from our office team

Benefits of our Self-managed live-in home care service

  • Remain in your own home with one-to-one support
  • Better quality of life – more independence & empowerment
  • More personal, intuitive care than a residential home
  • Better value for money than a residential home
  • Greater wellbeing – support in maintaining healthy eating and an active lifestyle
  • Less loneliness and isolation – a live-in carer is someone to share your day with
  • Peace of mind for you  and your family knowing someone is always there

Please note: Under our Introductory Live-in Care plan, we are unable to influence care delivery or manage personal support plans. If you require us to do this, then please contact us about our managed live-in care service which may be more appropriate in your circumstances.

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