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Overnight Care At Home

A restful night’s sleep gives our bodies and minds the opportunity to rest and recharge for the day ahead. For some people, getting ready for bed or needing to get up during the night can feel strenuous or even be dangerous for those that may live alone.

Trinity Homecare is dedicated to caring for our client’s needs at all times. We always want to ensure that yourself or your loved ones never feel vulnerable or alone, especially at night time. We provide overnight care assistance for those that need extra support to sleep peacefully throughout the night.


Sleep restfully through the night

Naturally, those that receive extra support during the day, may also require additional help during the night. Trinity homecare is a dedicated overnight home care provider as we recognise that many people face difficulties at night, as well as during the day. 

We provide overnight care for elderly and those who may find routine tasks are becoming increasingly difficult due to living with a health or physical condition. We work with clients who live with the following conditions:

Whether you are looking for overnight home care for yourself or a loved one, Trinity Homecare delivers a care service which is tailored to your individual needs. Our TrinityCarers work with you to ensure that you are able to sleep safely and comfortably at home whilst providing any care that you require during the night time. 


What is overnight care?

For many people their care needs continue into the night, particularly for those that live with a complex condition. Overnight home care allows clients to receive the support they need whilst being able to remain safe and cared for in their own home.

Trinity’s overnight home care assistance is tailored to the clients personal needs, whether they require extra support at home before bed or during the night. A TrinityCarer will visit and stay in your home throughout the night to ensure that you have access to any assistance that may be needed to sleep restfully. 

Whilst you sleep your overnight carer can stay awake throughout the night to ensure they are always available to offer regular support. Alternatively, carers can sleep whilst you sleep, in which case, they would require access to their own bed and then be on call at any time you require assistance.


What support can you receive from overnight home care?

Overnight home care services are available to provide as much support throughout the night as a person may require. Some clients may only need overnight care assistance to step in for when a person’s family member has to go away. Other individuals may require overnight care every night, particularly if they live on their own to ensure they can retain their routine and wellbeing at all times.  

Overnight care services can support individuals with the following:

  • Getting undressed/dressed for bed
  • Continence care 
  • Washing before sleep or in the morning
  • Administering medication
  • Being available incase of an emergency

Trinity’s overnight care services are completely tailored to the individuals needs as we wish to support you in the best possible way, ultimately allowing you to retain a positive quality of life. Overnight care helps people to continue to live at home in a safe way but can also act as a lifeline for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to do these tasks on their own.


How you can benefit from overnight care

Receiving overnight care can bring many benefits to an individual’s life. Overnight home care allows a person to continue living at home whilst getting the support they need to carry out tasks that they may otherwise struggle to do themselves. 


Overnight care as often or little as you need

Trinity overnight home care is available as much or as little as you may need. You may only need overnight care as little as one night a week to cover for those you usually live with or if you live on your own we can provide support every night if required. We work with you to devise an overnight care plan which will offer the most benefit to your necessary routine.


Sleep restfully through the night with the right support for you

For people who live alone, getting ready for bed or managing an illness throughout the night can feel like a vulnerable process. TrinityCarers are specially trained to provide care for a range of conditions with the ability to adapt as a person’s needs may progress. Our carers can also offer much valued social interaction, having someone to talk to before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning.


Peace of mind for loved friends and family

Overnight home care supports the clients directly receiving our assistance along with close friends and family that may not be able to visit often. Ensuring that your loved one is being cared for even through the night can bring much peace of mind for the family. Knowing that they are able to live happily and safely at home, even whilst they sleep.


Receive the most suited carer for you

When inviting someone into your home, particularly whilst you are sleeping, requires a lot of faith in the carer you are working with. To ensure that you are supported by a carer who can most appropriately manage your needs, we host a match care service. Through our match care service we take the time to understand your physical needs and also your social needs, as well as any hobbies that our carers can discuss and participate in with you.  

All TrinityCarers are specially trained to meet the Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards. We provide a care service that has been proudly rated as ‘Outstanding’ and so we are confident that our care offers many different benefits to your health and wellbeing. 


Contact Trinity to arrange overnight care at home

To find out more about how overnight home care can support yourself or a loved one to rest well at night you can call 020 4530 8348 and speak with one of our dedicated TrinityCarers. You can also complete our contact form here, where following a quick response, you can begin arranging your overnight care needs.

With Trinity’s overnight home care assistance we can support you to sleep well at night so you can get the most out of your day ahead. We’re personal, we’re caring and we’re trusted to provide the highest levels of home care.



What is the difference between ‘asleep’ and ‘awake’ overnight care?

  • Asleep care – or in our terms Sleeping Night care, is where a carer will arrive in the evening to then go to sleep in a room provided – they are purley there to provide reassurance and should not be regularly disturbed at night.
  • Awake care – or in our terms Waking Night care, is where a carer will arrive in the evening and they will stay awake all night to support the client as many times as they need.


How do I know what type of overnight care is best for me?

By contacting Trinity Homecare and discussing your needs with a friendly member of our team, we can provide you with all the answers you need regarding the best possible overnight home care solution. 


What times does overnight care cover?

Our night shifts for either service is typically 10pm – 7 am.


How much does overnight care cost?

Sleeping night starts from £20 p/h (£180.00 per night) / Waking Night starts from £23 p/h (£207.00 per night)

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