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Thinking of Starting a Career in Care?

When it comes to care work, there certainly isn’t a shortage. A recent report published by Workforce Intelligence stated the number of adult social care jobs in England in 2019/20 was estimated at 1.65 million. Unfortunately, not enough of these positions are being filled and there is an outcry for more carers in the UK.

As it stands, the UK has one of the lowest ratings of job satisfaction in the world, which speaks for itself. Several reports and research have shown that people are wanting more work-life balance, flexibility and rewards. It is also clear that many of us Brits have a desire for a “meaningful” job.

A career in care can be both extremely rewarding and meaningful. Working in such an industry gives back to individuals, families, and society as a whole. Becoming a carer can really make a difference. If you are considering a change of job, then take a look at some of the reasons care could be for you.

Our carers at a client visit

Wanting Flexibility with your Working Hours?

Care work can provide flexible working patterns and shifts to suit your needs. Whether you are a mum returning to work or simply wish to have more work-life balance, care work can offer you the flexibility that you are seeking.

Tired of the Long Commute?

At Trinity, all of our visiting care roles are within local areas, meaning you are closer to home. Say goodbye to the tiring commute and get your mileage paid for. Currently, we cover the following areas:

  • Sutton and Worcester Park
  • London Borough of Merton
  • Elmbridge
  • Guildford and Woking
  • Epsom
  • Banstead & Tadworth
  • Camberley

A Promised Career Pathway/ Further Education

Specialist Training

Enhance your skill set at Trinity Homecare
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At Trinity, we can provide the training you need to become a carer. With the opportunity to receive an NVQ Level 2 in Health and Social Care, we can provide you the tools to work your way up the ladder. We also have a fantastic relationship with Nescot College in Epsom. If you want to progress to a higher level in Health and Social Care, we will support you every step of the way.

A Job that is Meaningful

Of course, the hours, the location and the career progression are great. But more often than not, people stay in the care industry because of how meaningful the work is. It really is a life-changing role that will alter your entire outlook on life. You will meet some incredible people along the way and will be able to go home, knowing that you are making a difference. This is something that many jobs cannot offer.

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It’s the little things in life that count isn’t it? That warm feeling you get when you do something good for someone else – no matter how small. Why join Trinity Homecare? If you like making a difference to someone else’s life every single day, then being a carer could be for you. Caring for a person in their own home is extremely rewarding work and we’re looking to recruit people who hold the same values as us:

Our Values


We respect everyone as an individual and respond to changing needs.


We keep our promises and do what we say.


We are committed to what we do and who we care for.

Have a listen to what some of our carers have to say about working for us:

Top training

“I believe the agency’s staff training is outstanding when compared to other providers I deal with.”

Community professional talking to the Care Quality Commission during our most recent inspection

Our learning and development programme is second to none. We take great pride in providing the best possible training for our team and our NVQ care certificate training is completely free when you are offered a job with us. We are also affiliated with the NCFE, one of the UK’s top vocational providers, who have been working in the further education sector for the past 150 years, and our training, while academically thorough, is also highly practical. All of our trainers have been carers (and some still are), so they fully understand exactly how best to prepare you for the work ahead.

Under our learning programme, there is less emphasis on ‘teaching’ than on developing your knowledge, values and skills. We have a specially designed training suite, which we use to make sure our teaching is active and engaging – not just filling you with information!

“I believe people learn best in an active, participative environment designed to engage and inspire.”

Mike Smith, Managing Director

When you first start out at Trinity, we have a clear plan and timetable for your first 12 weeks to make sure we support you every step of the way. And once you have completed this, we offer an advanced training and many ongoing courses to help you climb the care ladder. For more information about any of our training programmes, please do give us a call, we’d be delighted to tell you all about it.

A supportive team

We are a professional and friendly bunch, who strongly believe that if you are passionate about what you do, you do it well. Many of our team have been working with us for years and most of our office staff have been carers on the job, so they know exactly how best to support you because they have been there too. We genuinely take great pride in looking after our carers, so there is always someone there for you if you need some advice or just need to hear a friendly voice on the end of the phone.

We have also created a specially designed programme out of our pastoral support, which we call our Trinity Pathway, so please do have a read to see how we support you every step of the way on your journey with us.

Highly competitive pay, incentives and rewards

We appreciate all of our carers’ hard work, and we like to show it. That’s why we benchmark our pay against our competitors to ensure we pay top rates – from £10+ an hour. And if goes without saying that we’ll also always pay you overtime for every single bank holiday you work. We’ll also pay for all your petrol expenses and provide you with a free uniform. And because we know everybody needs a break,  you’ll also get 28 paid holidays every year.

We make every effort to support you to work the hours you want to work, so you can decide whether that’s full, part-time or flexitime. We’ll also include you on our company pension scheme.

We also have an annual values awards ceremony to honour those who our clients say have gone the extra mile throughout the year. Best of all we have a reliability bonus for daily care workers – so you can earn extra just for being on time. We also offer a Refer a Friend bonus, where you can earn an extra £250 every time one of your friends joins our team.

If you are interested in joining us, please do get in touch with our recruitment team or check out some of our available jobs. Your career of a lifetime could be just a phone call away!

Trinity Pathway Programme

We are a professional and friendly bunch, and many members of our team have been working with us for years. We genuinely take pride in looking after our carers, especially the new ones, and we want to make sure you feel supported and guided every step of the way. This is where our Trinity Pathway Programme comes in.

This is a specially designed programme for us to make sure we are giving consistent and kind pastoral support to all of our new team members. From the very first week you join us, you’ll be guided by our trainers who have all been carers, so they know exactly what you’ll need to support you all the way. The Trinity Pathway Programme is a 12-week program, which includes in-house training in our specially designed training suite, shadowing carers on the job and following up with friendly phone calls when you’re out in the field. We feel it is very important for you to know that there is always someone there for you if you need some advice or just need to hear a friendly voice on the end of the phone.

If you want to find out more about how we support you every step of the way on your journey with us, please do have a chat about our Trinity Pathway Programme with one of our recruitment team.

If you are interested in joining us, please do get in touch or check out some of our available jobs. Your career of a lifetime could be just a phone call away!

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If you are interested in care work, then please do get in touch today to have a chat with one of the recruitment team. If you have any questions, we are more than happy to assist!

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