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We’re committed to supporting our carers and our clients with dementia training

Our most recent dementia training course has enabled more of our TrinityCarers to develop their knowledge and skills in dementia care. To date, we’ve held 5 dementia training courses and we’re delighted to support our care staff as they develop their skills for dementia care.

The latest statistics from the Alzheimer’s Society indicate that there are over 850,000 people living with dementia across the UK. The UKHCA and the Alzheimer’s Society worked in partnership to create this ‘Dementia Training for Homecare’ course, which contains five modules taught over two days. The course is designed to support home care assistants as they develop their knowledge and understanding of all aspects of dementia care.

We’re proud to offer this opportunity to our care staff and this dementia training course is available to all of our care teams.

How does dementia training benefit our clients?

Given that home care is usually the first source of support for those living with dementia and their loved ones, ensuring that carers receive specialist dementia training is of vital importance.

A specially trained dementia carer will:

  • Identify signs of dementia before formal diagnosis and respond appropriately
  • Have knowledge and experience of different types of dementia
  • Appreciate that living with dementia affects every person differently
  • Respond to changing needs
  • Handle difficult and distressing situations with sensitivity
  • Provide emotional support for loved ones
  • Appreciate the importance of familiarity and routine, and enables you or your loved one to live safely at home
  • Understand how to create opportunities to live well with dementia
  • Liaise with loved ones, medical professionals and care management teams

How does dementia training benefit our staff?

By successfully completing our specialist dementia training, our carers not only ensure they’re able to provide specialist and heartfelt dementia care, but give themselves opportunities pursue their own career journeys.

A specially trained dementia carer will:

  • Be equipped with the knowledge, understanding and skills to provide heartfelt specialist dementia care
  • Feel more confident in providing specialist dementia care
  • Enrich the quality of life for people living with dementia and their loved ones
  • Receive an industry-recognised qualification
  • Discover opportunities to pursue a specialist career
  • Be fully supported by their management teams and colleagues

If you’re a carer, contact your care management team or the recruitment team to discuss how our dementia training course could help you!

The Dementia Training Programme for Homecare providers

The training is spread over two days and includes a range of modules- An Introduction to Dementia, Diagnosing well, Preventing well, Living and Supporting well and Dying well. With plenty of interactive activities, the programme is designed to ensure staff care to a high standard. This supports our continual outstanding care that we provide for both live-in care and visiting care which is backed by the CQC (Care Quality Commission).

What our carers thought of the Training

Many of our staff found the training very beneficial and will be applying their knowledge to their existing clients. Have a look at what some of the staff said about the course…

“The training was really useful in understanding Dementia on another level. It was also very interesting and a great way of connecting with other carers” – Jasmine

“Hearing the other carer’s experience was very helpful and great in getting tips and advice” – Frances

“The entire course was very useful, especially learning how someone with Dementia may see the world” – Ali


Participate in our next Dementia Awareness Training course

Since we have had so much positive feedback from our previous Dementia Awareness Training sessions, we would highly recommend our carers to join us in the workshop.

Our next Training will be on the 26th & 27th of February and it is completely free of charge!

Once you have completed the Dementia Training you will receive a certificate to show your attendance. It will also give you an opportunity to showcase your skills to new and existing clients and provide you with specialist knowledge in supporting people living with Dementia.

If you are an existing carer and would like to participate in the next training session then please do give your care manager a call. If you are looking for care work and are interested in the training that we can offer then apply now, to join Trinity in providing outstanding care.