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How does home care improve mental health? 

As it’s World Mental Health Day 2020 during the month of October, we felt that it was our duty at Trinity Homecare to share exactly how we aim to improve the mental health of those around us. This includes those we care for, their close family, loved ones and our team of loving staff. 


Home care and mental health

For those who rely on care, the loved ones around them, and the individuals providing it, there can be challenges that are faced on a day to day basis that can be hard to overcome. 

If these feelings are left unattended to, the challenges can lead to impacts on an individual’s mental health. That’s why we do everything in our power to help those around us stay mentally positive, no matter their situation. 

It’s vitally important that both mental and physical health is attended to when providing care – for our clients, our team and beyond. This helps us be the very best home care team that we can be. 


The benefits of home care on mental health: 

At Trinity Homecare, our team have provided heartfelt home care services for over 20 years. We know firsthand just how much of an impact high-quality home care can have on an individual, and we want to spread the word. 

Staying at home

Arguably the greatest factor that can improve the mental health of our clients is staying in their own familiar, safe and comfortable surroundings. The nature of home care allows you to stay around partners, pets, friends and family – allowing you to stay happy and healthy at home. 

Even the smallest things can make a difference; your own bed, the scent of your washing, home-cooked food, your favourite chair and TV programmes. It all makes a big difference in improving the overall happiness of our clients. That’s why home care is the perfect solution for those who need a helping hand but wish to remain at home. 



Loneliness can have a significant impact in old age as friends, family and other close ones often go different ways on the journey throughout life. This can even be the case in a care home as it’s easy to slip under the radar of staff and other residents – often leading to feelings of isolation for those who live in care home settings. 

That unearths another benefit of home care; regular companionship for our clients. Having someone to be there for you not only to provide for you but to spend quality time with can be a key in improving overall happiness, mental health and wellbeing. 

Our TrinityCarers are compassionate individuals that relish the opportunity of becoming someone’s companion. It’s our goal to make a real difference in the quality of life of our clients in every way possible. 


Care matching 

At Trinity Homecare, we look beyond providing solely for someone’s physical wellbeing needs. We know that during your time in our care, it’s important that both our clients and our carers will be the perfect match to spend time together in harmony. 

To ensure that our clients and their caring companions have the best relationship possible, Trinity uses a MatchCare programme that allocates our clients with the perfect carer for them. This helps mutual interests, hobbies, personalities and characteristics combine and flourish for the best possible results during our quality home care. 

Having someone around that understands you, appreciates you, and works hard every day to enrich your quality of life creates a nice atmosphere in your home – so you can live happily and continue doing the things you love,  whatever that may be. 


A close eye on mental health 

A one-to-one relationship between client and carer helps the carer easily identify changes in moods, actions and general behaviour. If any changes in mental health or physical health were to occur, our TrinityCarers would be able to easily identify the problem at an early stage before any progression made the condition worse. 

Behavioural changes could easily go under the radar within the likes of a care home, as although there are relationships between residents and staff, the one-to-one exposure between both parties is drastically lowered. 

This allows home care providers such as Trinity Homecare act quickly to improve the situation. This could be individually, or if there were serious concerns, it could be passed through to more senior members of the Trinity team or other health care professionals that are included within our service. 



At Trinity Homecare, we know It’s hard to stay motivated every single day when completing everyday tasks is a challenge. Sometimes, it’s easy for those who rely on care to start ‘giving up’ as they could be living with an illness, disability or condition that has a severe impact on day to day life. 

Our compassionate team combat this feeling whenever we identify it through consistent motivation and inspiration. We want you to do the things you love, and we know there is always a way for you to enjoy your day. 

The staff at Trinity Homecare never give up, and that’s the mentality we always reflect on our clients. We help those who we care for stay motivated for themselves and those around them, ultimately helping improve wellbeing, confidence and the incentive to live life happily. 



It’s vitally important to keep active in whichever way possible in both mental and physical aspects. Home care ensures those who rely on care stay engaged through a range of different daily activities that can make all the difference in promoting positive mental health. 

This includes meaningful conversations with companions, performing exercises that are designed to help specifically with conditions such as Dementia or Parkinson’s, completing jigsaw puzzles, listening to the radio… even dancing! 

Whatever you wish to do during your time with Trinity Homecare, we will do our very best to ensure that you can do it. We’re here to help you access an enriched lifestyle so you can live happily; with a positive mind frame, attitude and mental health. 


Peace of mind for you and your family 

You can find true peace of mind while a TrinityCarer provides for you, whether that’s regular visiting care or full-time live-in care. Knowing someone is there by your side to enjoy the laughs, the cries, and the ups and downs throughout your life’s journey can significantly improve your quality of life. 

Not only that, your friends, loved ones and family can find true peace of mind too, knowing you are living in your happy and familiar environment whilst Trinity tend to all your care-related needs. We’re personal, we’re caring, and we’re trusted – and this radiates throughout the entirety of your personal care plan with Trinity Homecare. 


Positive mental health radiates through the workplace 

Time to change Mental Health pledge

Sticking to our promise
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At Trinity Homecare, we are aware that looking after our staff in the best possible way helps them provide the best possible care for our clients. Positive mental health radiates through the workplace, that’s why we try to ensure all of our staff’s mental needs are taken care of. 

To ensure this, we offer free counselling to all our members of staff. If there’s anything at all  on their mind, bothering them at work, or causing upset in life outside of work – we can help resolve any issues. 

We are also part of the Time To Change Mental Health Pledge. Our team are committed to changing the way we all think and act about mental health in the workplace. 


Does home care improve mental health? 

The big question… does home care improve mental health? For sure. We know it does. 

Trinity Homecare has witnessed the impact of heartfelt home care on many individuals health first hand, both mentally and physically. Our care services are rated as outstanding by the Care Quality Commission, so you can find full peace of mind that we are industry leaders in the home care community – offering the very highest levels of home care. 

If you are considering home care services for yourself or your loved one, contact a friendly member of our team today. They will happily assist with any questions or concerns you may have. Begin your journey to an enriched lifestyle today with Trinity Homecare.