Important: Our staff are vaccinated- Find out how we are keeping our clients and workers safe during COVID-19 

COVID-19 and Dementia Advice

With the government advising anyone over 70 or pre-existing medical conditions to isolate completely, it is proving very difficult for those who have dementia, and their families.

At Trinity Homecare, we know how worrying it can be for the families and loved ones looking after someone with dementia, during the COVID-19 outbreak. It is a challenging time for everyone right now, but even more so if you are caring for someone who may have underlying illnesses such as dementia.

Self Isolation for those with Dementia

As it stands, the UK government is advising that anyone over age 70 or with other health conditions are to remain at home, self-isolating for up to 16 weeks. This means that those who fall under this category, won’t be able to do their usual day-to-day activities such as shopping, meeting with family and friends and socialising.

Whilst the advice does not specifically include people with dementia, it is advisable that if the person you are looking after has other health-related issues, or is considered vulnerable, that you follow this guidance.

Challenges that those with dementia and families may face

Staying at home and stopping social activity is difficult for anyone. It is particularly challenging for those who have dementia since routine is very important in keeping them mentally stimulated, preventing a decline.

At Trinity Homecare, we understand how it can be extremely difficult to explain to a person you are caring for with dementia why they should wash their hands more frequently, why you are avoiding being within close proximity and advising them to stay indoors.

They may have little understanding of COVID-19 and may become confused as to why they are unable to live their life as usual. They may also be confused by the lack of products on shop shelves and why people are behaving differently than they usually would. You may find that it is not possible to get them to follow the advice from the government but try to not worry or feel guilty about this. You are only doing the best you can in a very challenging situation. If the person you care for is reassured by regular contact and continuing their usual day-to-day activities, then this is equally as important, albeit a challenge.

Trinity Homecare can help you and those with Dementia

Delivering specialist Dementia care

In partnership with Alzheimer's Society
0207 183 4884

At Trinity Homecare, we want to offer reassurance and support to families who may be struggling to care for someone with dementia. We can take the weight off your shoulders by offering a helping hand. Whether you need us to check in occasionally on your loved one and offer a friendly face and companionship, or full-time live-in care to support a routine- we are here to help.

During COVID19 we are making huge changes to the rota’s for carers to limit the number of social interactions for clients and to promote continuity. This will also mitigate the risk of transmission of the virus.

What you can expect from our specialist dementia home care:

  • Understanding of the nature of dementia and how it affects every individual differently
  • Proactive attitude to life and the firm belief that it is possible to live well with dementia
  • TrinityCarers who will be there to support you and much or as little as you need, whether it’s daily visits or full-time live-in care
  • Support with personal care, such as bathing and continence care
  • Preparation of nutritious and well-balanced meals
  • Assistance with household tasks
  • Assistance in arranging appointments or outings
  • Transport and accompaniment to appointments or outings, e.g. medical appointments or trips to a club etc.
  • We ensure that medication is taken at necessary times
  • Heartfelt companionship
  • Newfound peace of mind knowing that you or your loved one is living safely and confidently in the comfort of their own home!

What to expect from Trinity Homecare:

  • A bespoke care plan that is completely tailored to individual needs
  • TrinityCarers can visit as many times a day as you wish, or live-in to provide care around the clock
  • dedicated care manager who will monitor your care and be your point of contact for any questions or concerns
  • TrinityCarers who have received specialist training
  • Backup support from a senior carer local to your area
  • Access to 24 hour on-call support services
  • Regular visits to review the care plan and ensure that you’re receiving the best quality of care.
  • Regular correspondence with medical professionals and nurses

Get in touch with us today for further advice on how we can support those with dementia and their loved ones. We are able to offer guidance and homecare solutions that can relieve you of worry during this difficult time. Simply call 02071834884 or book a call with one of our consultants at a time that suits you.


For further information, you can download our visiting care guide, or live-in care guide.