Important: Homecare - A safe option during COVID-19

Care at home – the safe alternative

Live-in care is a safe option to reduce risks and protect loved ones during COVID-19. Trinity Homecare can offer the highest quality of care to clients in the comfort of their own home.

Trinity Homecare are specialists in-providing award-winning home care. For over 20 years our team have been offering live-in and visiting care services, caring for a number of conditions including dementia, MS and complex conditions. 

We currently have the capacity to provide care to those who need it and aim to have a home care professional with a client within 2 days of the initial enquiry.

Why choose Trinity?

Trinity Homecare’s Live-in care service is a safe alternative to a care home, at a time when the risks of cross-transmission within care and nursing homes are becoming a great concern. At Trinity Homecare, we are able to provide a single or rotating live-in care worker which mitigates these risks, whilst ensuring the safety of both our clients and care workers.

  • Rated ‘Outstanding’ by the CQC
  • Award-winning care provider
  • One-to-one care in the comfort of your own home
  • Our knowledge, experience and infrastructure allow us to provide dedicated support to those who need it quickly and safely during this difficult time
  • Dedicated carers who are employed and trained by Trinity Homecare
  • A care plan tailored to suit your individual care needs, overseen by your dedicated Care Manager
  • Trinity Care helps to ease the strain on the NHS and care homes  – we can help facilitate rapid and safe discharges

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Our dedicated Live-in Carers can assist you or your loved ones by:

  • Keyworker status – enabling us to access dedicated shopping hours allocated to social care
  • Collecting and administering medication
  • Managing conditions such as dementia, strokes and complex health conditions
  • Conducting household jobs such as Handling the cooking, cleaning for our clients and ensuring the smooth running of the house
  • Helping the elderly to self-isolate comfortably and safely
  • Ensuring a safe living environment and managing infection control

Home Care vs Care Homes – The cost

The cost of care is a regularly debated topic. However, live-in care is a safe and cost-effective alternative to a care home. Of course, the definitive cost of any type of care depends on a number of factors such as the level of care required, specific care plans, and the provider you choose. 

Home Care vs Care Homes – The comparison

Trinity managed Live-in Care Care Homes or Nursing Homes
One-to-one care from a carer who you have built a relationship with A number of nursing staff caring for you and a large number of other patients
Your carer cooks the meals that you want A choice of set food and set meal times
Continue to enjoy home comforts while receiving specialist support Move to an unfamiliar environment
Your pets can stay at home with you Many care homes do not allow pets
Continue with your current lifestyle and habits Have to adapt to a new way of life and schedule
Similar costs Similar costs


In addition to the above, 97% of people surveyed by OnePoll said they don’t want to go into a care home when they’re older; indicating that home care is the preferred option for the vast majority of us!

To find out more about our home care or discuss a possible support plan in more detail then get in touch today. You can call us on 0203 504 3501 or book a call with our team if that’s more convenient for you to discuss the alternative to care homes.


Happiness at home 

For many people, their home is a place that brings comfort, familiarity and above all else, happiness. For us, providing care is not just about ensuring that an individual is in good physical health, but also mentally in a good place. This is one of the key reasons that we believe care at home is a great alternative to a residential home or nursing home.

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What are the alternatives to a care home?

  • Live-in Care - A full time carer moves into the home to ensure an individual receives the care they need without having to move into a care home.
  • Visiting Care - A carer makes regular visits to an individuals home, carrying out necessary tasks and making sure the individual has everything they need to be comfortable.
  • Family care - moving in with a family member, or them moving in with you, is a great alternative to a care home

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