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The cost of visiting care will depend on the type of support, the frequency and duration of the visits. From companionship visits once a week to multiple visits each day, visiting home care is flexible to suit a variety of circumstances and budgets.

An introduction to care: Companionship from under £60 per week

This weekly budget is suited to our ‘Companionship and home help‘ service, which will provide you or your loved one with regular company, reassurance and support.

For under £60 per week, we can provide a team of carers who can visit you or your loved ones two or three times a week (depending on the length of visits) for a welfare check and companionship. Many of our clients start with a small amount of support each week, and this enables us to establish and build a relationship with you and your loved ones by keeping an eye on your health and wellbeing.

Case study: Ellie Adams

84-year-old Ellie Adams moved to London from the North to be near her children when her husband died, but she knew no-one and felt lonely when her children went to work.


Once, or twice a week, one of the Trinity home care team drop in just to say hello, take Ellie out for a coffee, a stroll to the shops or pop into town. They also keep an eye on whether she has taken her medication. For the Adams family, the care team have provided companionship and reassurance. “I would get very down if I was by myself all the time,” says Ellie. “The carers are so lovely and friendly – I feel very lucky to have them.”

Approximate budget:

£25 – £60 per week

Companionship home care

Home care from £60 to £275 per week

With a care budget of up to £275 per week, we would recommend our Visiting home care service. The price of the service will depend upon the number and duration of visits throughout the week, but this budget could provide one or two visits every day – depending on the duration of each visit. These visits could involve companionship and home help, or personal care, or a combination of the two.

What’s included with personal care?

Personal care such as assistance with washing, dressing, administering medication and continence care. Perhaps you would suit a short morning and evening visit, plus a longer visit at off-peak times during the day, where the budget will stretch a little further. Our care plans are entirely bespoke and flexible to add support whenever you need it.

Case study: Chris

Chris is 70 years old and lives alone in her own house. She was beginning to feel lonely and lacked confidence going out alone. This meant that Chris was beginning to lose touch with her community and the things she most loved to do – such as attending art classes in town.


A carer comes to visit Chris three times a week to take her to all the classes she was missing out on. For eight hours a week, the caring team have reconnected Chris with her community and given her a new lease of life. She also receives regular reviews by a senior carer and has access to an on-call service and a dedicated care manager who is there on the end of the phone if Chris needs to talk.

Approximate weekly cost: £230

Trinity carer at work

Home care from £275 to £550 per week

A budget of between £275 to £550 per week will give you access to a comprehensive daily home care service, which will be completely tailored to you and your needs. Within this budget range, you will be able to choose between two or three personal care visits every day and combine with longer visits to provide additional companionship, home help or to accompany you on outings and appointments. This budget range will enable you or your loved one to receive the level of support needed to continue living independently, safely and confidently at home. Family members will also discover newfound reassurance, knowing visiting TrinityCarers are ensuring their loved one is eating, drinking and taking medication.

Within this price range, you could also budget for the occasional respite live-in care to allow the main family carer to take an extended holiday, knowing that someone is there providing round the clock support.

Case study: Moira

74-year-old Moira lives alone in a flat in Guildford. She has many family members popping in throughout the week but needed support with aspects of personal care in the mornings, lunchtimes and evenings.


A carer supports Moira in the mornings to get out of bed and have breakfast, pops in at lunchtime to make lunch and helps with the bedtime routine in the evenings. It’s practical help but for Moira and her carer, it is much more than that. “I treat him like one of my own sons,” she says of her carer.

Approximate weekly cost: £450

cost of visiting home care

*Names have been changed to protect privacy

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How could visiting care support you?

  • Maintain your lifestyle and routines
  • Support to live safely, independently at home
  • Peace of mind for you and your loved ones
  • We use technology to record our care notes - ensuring the safety, welfare and confidentiality of our clients
  • Dedicated care manager and support team
  • Access to 24 hour support
  • Regular welfare checks ensure you're receive the support you need
  • Combine companionship and personal care for support in all aspects of everyday life

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