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In a recent poll 97% of people stated that they would prefer to remain in their own home than move into a residential care home.  Live-in care enables just that.  There are many situations where live-in care may be suitable whether you require companionship, assistance with personal care or have more intensive needs which require specialist care.

“We know that most people want to live in their own homes, amongst family, friends and community for as long as possible. Live-in homecare offers people the real option of doing just that.”

Bridget Warr, chief executive, UKHCA

Examples of situations where live-in care may be suitable:

  • Where you require an extra pair of hands – a TrinityCarer can provide assistance with those things that may have become challenging such as driving, shopping and other daily personal routines and chores.
  • Following a recent bereavement – a TrinityCarer can provide company and companionship, either short or long term.
  • Post hospital discharge – where there is a dependence to have suitable support in place to help with rehabilitation.
  • Leaving home – for younger adults attending university who require a personal assistant (PA).
  • Home sweet home – where you have tried residential care but found that home is where your heart is.
  • Changing hands – when you want to change from another care agency. Trinity will step in to ensure a smooth transition, with minimal disruption to the client.
  • To stay together – For couples that wish to remain together within their own home. Live-in care can provide a cost effective solution as one carer is often able to look after both people.
  • Time out – For partners, friends or family members who require respite care to enable them to take a much needed short break or holiday from caring for a loved one

The beauty of live-in care is that it is tailored specifically to the individual so you really get a bespoke service.  Before commencing any care we would visit you in your home to understand your needs in more detail and understand the types of duties that a live-in carer could assist you with.