These questions will help you to learn about working as a domiciliary or daily home care worker.

What is a domiciliary care worker?

A carer who visits people at home, helping with personal care, like bathing, dressing, assisting with medication, or help with mobility or moving. You will work in what is known as daily home care, for which there is an hourly rate and you may visit many people throughout your working day.

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What is the current hourly rate for a Carer?

The hourly rate for carers varies depending upon your experience and the type of care and hourly jobs you are doing. At Trinity Homecare, how much a domiciliary care worker earns is highly competitive, in that our rates of pay and terms and conditions will always be in the top 25% of the industry. We feel it is important to look after our team and pay them well.

What is the mandatory training for domiciliary care?

At Trinity Homecare, we have a six-step recruitment process to become an daily home carer, beginning with an on-line application, or a call to one of our recruitment team. The process then includes several interviews (one telephone and another face-to-face), and an on-line psychological assessment. We’ll then need to check your references and apply for your Disclosure and Barring Certificate. And that’s it!

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What happens at the daily home care job interview?

When you come for your daily home care interview it is important to bring with you all the relevant paperwork as detailed below.

You will be interviewed by one of our recruitment team, who will thoroughly check your paperwork and ask you questions to understand your skills, interests and personal objectives in order to get a broad understanding of who you are and your suitability to a caring role.

We want to make your daily home care interview as smooth running and easy as possible and we also want to make sure you leave with a very clear idea of just what it takes to be an hourly and domiciliary care worker, so please feel free to ask us as many questions as you like!

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What should I bring to my daily home care and domiciliary interview?

Please ensure you bring the following items:

1. Proof of identification & eligibility to work in the UK

  • Passport/s, EU identity card, or photographic driving licence
  • Proof of eligibility to work in the UK (e.g. visa for non EU passport holders)
  • Proof of address in the UK (e.g. bank, credit card statement or utility bill less than 3 months old)
  • Birth certificate
  • National insurance number (e.g. card or job centre letter or payslip stating the number)
  • Valid driving licence. For UK licences this is both your paper counterpart and the photocard. Alternatively your foreign licence allowing you to drive in the UK (with your original International licence)

2. Details of your Skills & Experience

  • Your full CV covering an up to date full working history – explanations for any gaps in employment.
  • Documentation to support your application, for example, letters of reference and qualification certificates

3. Disclosure and Barring Service Application

  • £63.20 to pay for your Enhanced DBS Disclosure and an Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) Audit First check.
  • Any previously issued DBS/CRB Disclosure certificate/ police clearance if applicable.

Is there any on-going training for domiciliary care?

At Trinity Homecare, we take great pride in our Learning and Development training programme and when you work for us, we encourage you to develop your caring career and take our advanced training modules, for example, learning more about our specialist dementia training or palliative end of life care. Many of our carers have been with us for a long time and have developed and grown their career along the way. Read about Hazel Taylor, one of our carers who now works in recruitment, supporting others beginning their caring career.

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Will I have enough daily home care work?

Trinity Homecare provides daily home care services in Guildford, Woking, Epsom and Sutton – indeed daily home care across most of Surrey. We have new clients coming on board every week and we’re always looking for new carers to join our team.

When selected for work, the coordinator will always look at where you live and the distance you are travelling between your hourly visits, as we always try to keep your driving to a minimum. However in busy periods, covering illness and holidays, this is not always possible and at times, you may be asked to cover larger distances.

Keep in regular touch though and we’ll always try to give you work to suit your location and your availability.

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What is the dress code for an daily home care job?

Trinity daily home carers wear a light green tunic (which you’ll receive on your training course) and smart black trousers (that don’t drag on the floor). You’ll also need some sturdy black shoes that are comfortable to work in, (no boots, heels or flimsy sandals).