What is complex care?

Complex care is one-to-one care specifically tailored for those affected by complex health conditions. Each complex care client has a unique set of requirements and needs based on their conditions. Those affected by complex conditions will often rely on specialist equipment such as ventilators, colostomy bags, PEG feeding tubes and lift transfers. Trinity is equipped to work with health professionals and our own highly experienced staff to to provide a one-to-one service enabling complex care clients to remain in their own homes with the greatest possible degree of independence. Complex care support plans can range from short visits through to full time, live-in care.

Complex care: our approach

How do we work?

Our clients are typically referred to us from an NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) or from an independent case management company. However, we also work with local authorities and directly with privately funded clients.

When we receive a referral or an enquiry we will make an appointment to meet the client and their family at the earliest opportunity. During this appointment one of our specialist nurses will carry out a detailed risk and needs assessment with respect to the specific care requirements of the client. We use this assessment as a basis for estimating the cost of providing care but, most importantly, as the initial basis for the client’s individual care plan.

At the earliest possible stage, we will introduce our dedicated nurse operations manager who will lead and oversee the client’s care and be the primary point of contact for all aspects of our services.

Once we have agreed requirements with the client, client’s family and the commissioner we set about organising and establishing the provision of care, including the following:

Recruitment of care staff that are matched to the specific needs of the client and trained accordingly under the supervision of our clinical specialists;

  • Training of a team leader who acts as a key worker within the direct care team;
  • Introductions of care staff to the client and family members as appropriate;
  • Identification of specialist care needs and matching with the appropriate healthcare professional;
  • Establishment of an efficient and consistent rota; and
  • Access to 24 hour on-call support services is provided to the nurse operations manager and care team.

Individual care plan

An individual care plan is the centrepiece of the complex care service. We take the time and the necessary diligence to ensure that the clinical and the personal aspects of our service are documented and agreed in conjunction with the needs of the client. Preparation of the care plan starts with spending time in the home or, where applicable, the hospital.

The care plan takes full account of requirements and clinical risks and is developed in conjunction with the help of the client, family members, existing carers, commissioners and other healthcare professionals that are involved.

Once all parties are satisfied, including with respect to funding of the service, we will prepare a client contract to outline roles and responsibilities.

The ‘paperwork’

There are various documents and papers that will be prepared for each client and provided to the client and/or family members upon commencement of services, as follows:

  • Agreed individual care plan and diary;
  • Documented risk assessments and care assessments;
  • Contract terms and conditions of service;
  • Emergency contact sheet;
  • Complaints and compliments forms

Regular review of our services

One of our dedicated manager will visit the client regularly and contact them every month to make sure they’re receiving the best quality and level of care.


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