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Home Help Can Offer Much Needed Support

Daily household tasks often begin to feel increasingly challenging, particularly for those who are elderly or living with a life-impacting medical condition. Trinity Homecare is here to offer a compassionate solution to supporting you within your home through both live-in and visiting care solutions. 

TrinityCarers can help with tackling domestic jobs at home that yourself or a loved one may struggle with to complete alone. With our home help services, you can benefit from having some extra support in and around the house to live independently in your home environment. 

As an ‘Outstanding’ rated home care provider, Trinity Homecare is always here, striving to help our clients remain living comfortably, safely and happily within their homes. 


Need a helping hand around your home?

When seeking support from a home help provider, we understand how important it is to have the right person in your home. No matter how often or little you seek our assistance, all TrinityCarers are carefully chosen and trained to help with a variety of conditions. This means we are able to recognise if the needs of yourself or a loved one may change over time, consistently tailoring our home help to the exact level you require. 

Trinity Homecare provides home help support that’s not only practical but intuitive, and flexible too. Our services are always catered to the needs of the client to ensure that they are receiving the maximum benefit from our services.

“My carer often goes that extra mile. He swept my porch for me the other day after the storm. He didn’t have to and I was so grateful”.


How home help can improve your life

We recognise how important it is for many to remain living at home, though completing daily tasks can become less manageable for some people. TrinityCarers provide home help to enable you to live happily and safely and remove the stress of trying to do everything on your own.

Our home care assistance can provide support with the following tasks:

  • Meal preparation and tidying up
  • Ironing
  • Cleaning
  • Organising the laundry
  • Taking out the rubbish and sorting the recycling
  • Tidying and organising belongings
  • Vacuuming, dusting
  • Making the beds and changing the linen
  • Feeding and walking pets
  • Shopping
  • Running errands
  • Collecting prescriptions
  • Organising dry cleaning
  • Watering the indoor plants

We work with each client independently to provide a care service that most suits their needs. When welcoming a TrinityCarer into your home we also provide social interaction which for those who may live on their own, can bring companionship and much joy to their day.


Benefits of a home help support plan

  • More relaxation time – we take care of the odd jobs, so you can spend the day doing the things you enjoy
  • Peace of mind knowing that our support is flexible, so if you would like more help – all you need to do is ask
  • Reassurance – knowing our home helpers can be trusted
  • Feel supported – knowing our staff will go that extra mile in helping you manage your “to-do” list


What to expect with a home help support plan

Trinity Homecare always strives to deliver the best possible help at home for you and your family. We understand that the help you receive can be very personal and so we always prioritise the needs of our clients when providing a home help support plan.


Specially trained carers who understand your needs

We handpick our carers and ensure that they are all fully trained and criminal record checked. When assigning an individual or team of carers to assist you, you will also receive support from a dedicated home manager and our office team. 


A home help plan tailored to your individual needs

It is our complete priority that you are comfortable with the care you receive. We work with you to regularly review your care plan, adapting where necessary to your evolving needs. 


Access to a 24/7 care support team

You will always have access to our in-office team who offer their full support should you ever need to discuss our services when your carer is not present.


How you can benefit from home help 

Receiving the support you need to complete household tasks not only keeps your home running smoothly but also provides many benefits to your physical and mental health.

TrinityCarers take care of the tasks that you may find more challenging allowing you to focus on doing the things you enjoy most. 

The home help we provide is always tailored to each individual and so you are always welcomed to ask for more help if you feel it is needed. Home help can offer peace of mind for those receiving care but also friends and family who may have been concerned for your wellbeing. 

At Trinity Homecare we are dedicated to providing home help that enriches a person’s life. We understand that for many people, home is their sanctuary, and we want to do everything possible to help those who wish to remain at home. 


Contact Trinity to discuss home help today

If you feel that our home help service can offer much-valued support for yourself or a loved one please complete our online form here. You can also call us on 020 4530 8348 to speak directly with a friendly member of the Trinity team who will always be available to discuss your requirements in further detail.

Speak with Trinity today to discuss how home help can support you or a loved one to continue living happily and safely at home.



How much does home help cost?

Prices start from £25.75 p/h and there are also discounted rates for off-peak times


How often can I receive home help?

You can receive home help as often or as little as you feel you may need. We tailor our home help plan to your individual requirements and so whether you need us one day a week or every day, we are always available to help you.


What if my needs change and I need more help at home?

We appreciate that as one gets older or as the result of living with a condition you can require more assistance at home. We regularly review your care plan to ensure that you are receiving the most appropriate home help that is beneficial to you.


How soon can I receive home help?

Subject to availability, we can set care up in a matter of 48hrs once all relevant paperwork is back.

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