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10 Stimulating Dementia Activities for your Loved One

At Trinity Homecare, we are firm believers that a person can live well with Dementia. Since we work so closely with the Alzheimer’s society and are Dementia Champions, we want to offer plenty of advice surrounding the disease and offer support through useful tips and advice.

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When a loved one is diagnosed with Dementia, it can be pretty daunting. Whilst a diagnosis may lead to changes around lifestyle and routine, having Dementia doesn’t mean your loved one has to stop their usual hobbies and interests that they enjoy.

At Trinity, we encourage those living with Dementia or Alzheimer’s to stay engaged through activities that will keep them mentally stimulated. Lack of mental stimulation and boredom can lead to other health-related issues such as irritability, anxiety, and depression. Take a look at our 10 stimulating Dementia activities that you can get stuck into with your loved one.


Stimulating Dementia activities

When it comes to choosing what activity will suit your loved one best, aim for something that will allow them to reminisce about their life, evoking warm memories. Participate in activities that will allow them to express themselves and offer an emotional outlet. As a natural instinct, many of us will try to do as much as we can for those living with Dementia. Whilst your loved one may need support from time to time, allow them to keep as much of their independence as possible and help them feel productive.

Trinity’s Top 10 activities for those with Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Alongside any activities or hobbies that they are usually interested in, why not try some of these activities we have recommended below.

1. Keeping socially active

Staying in contact with people will boost your loved one’s confidence and overall wellbeing. Whether it is a phone call with friends or having lunch with a close relative, having regular contact and communication with others is an important aspect of living well with Dementia. When they meet up with family and friends, they can enjoy some of the activities they would usually enjoy, or they can take up new ones, such as the ones we have listed below.

2. Exercise and moving about

Exercise has numerous benefits. Even an occasional walk has proven to help with sleep, boosting a person’s mood, and preventing the onset of depression. Physical activities such as water aerobics, walking, fishing, and dancing are all great ways to help with some of the effects of Dementia.

3. Listening to music

Music has proven to evoke emotional responses, as well as soothe and stimulate people mentally. Playing music from a time that your loved one would remember will also allow them to reminisce. Why not create a playlist of their favourite songs or print lyrics off for them to sing along?

4. Creative activities

Creative activities such as painting, knitting and colouring are highly therapeutic and easily allows your loved ones to express themselves. Some arts and crafts also offer sensory stimulation, something that is proven to be beneficial for those living with Dementia.

5. Puzzles for Dementia

Puzzles are a great way to keep our brains stimulated. Why not try out an easy puzzle with your loved one or complete a word search or crossword together? If they aren’t as keen on the idea, you can always do one yourself and ask for help. This will make them feel useful and productive.

6. Read a book

Why not purchase a book for your loved one that details a very familiar place to them? Reading historical books can help your loved one remember their past. You could even buy an autobiography of their favourite actor/actress or simply by a fiction book that they can get stuck into. Dependent on their capabilities, they can read the book with you, alone, or via an audiobook.

 7. Baking and Cooking

Baking cakes and cooking dinner is a great way of staying occupied. Not only will it allow them to do something fun for an hour or two, but they can enjoy a homemade, nutritious meal or treat at the end of it! BBC good food share some delicious and easy recipes.

8. Visit a garden centre or a local park

Getting in touch with nature can bring a lot of calmness and help us remember the more positive things in life. Why not visit a local park or the garden centre? If the weather is nice, it will make a very cheap and cheerful day out.

9.  House-work and domestic tasks

Most of us dread house-work but it can actually help our brains stay stimulated. Organising the fridge to make sure all the food is fresh or simply running the hoover round can be very impactful and productive. It will also give your loved one a sense of purpose.

10. Dementia Cafes

These days, there are loads of social groups and thankfully plenty of “Dementia cafes”. You can join these through charities such as Age UK. At Trinity Homecare we also run our own Dementia cafe, where family and friends can join one another to listen to music, drink coffee and spark up an interesting conversation. Get in touch with us if you wish to find out more about our Dementia cafe.

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