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Carer’s Week 2020: The Recognition Care Deserves

Did you know there are almost seven million carers currently in the UK? That’s roughly around one in every ten people – and this astonishing figure is on the rise. Over the next 30 years, the number of carers is estimated to increase by almost 3.5 million people, which equates to a rise of around 60%. 

During Carer’s Week 2020, It is vitally important that we recognise the contribution carers make to their families and local communities, workplaces and society, to help them to get the support they need. There has never been a more fitting time than this year’s National Carers Week to show the recognition and appreciation that our carers deserve. 

This applies across the UK and globally, as without our carers, no matter their title, recent times would have been virtually impossible. Within the unprecedented health pandemic in recent months, carers have put themselves on the frontline to fight this invisible killer. They have done so to provide for those who rely on them so desperately, no matter the consequences to their own health and wellbeing. 

The role of a carer

Carers help with a varied number of day-to-day activities and chores such as getting others dressed, turning them in their sleep, helping them to the toilet, helping them move around, administering their medication and much more. Many individuals need help with things like shopping, laundry, cleaning, cooking, filling in forms or managing money. The role of a carer can even be picking up prescriptions and preparing meals, providing emotional support and personal care day and night. Carers help to enrich the lives of individuals who would otherwise be unable to look after themselves – and there’s a multitude of reasons why we do it. 

Caring can be a rich source of satisfaction in people’s lives. It can be life-affirming knowing you make a real difference. It can help deepen and strengthen relationships. It can teach you a range of skills that help you realise potential that you didn’t notice you had burning inside of you. 

When is carer’s week 2020?

This year’s Carer’s Week 2020 takes place between the 8th and 14th of June. It’s more important than ever to raise our voices to make caring visible for all. And there’s a number of ways that you can help out. 

What is carer’s week?

Carers Week is an annual campaign that raises awareness of care, highlighting the challenges care workers face so we can all recognise the contributions they make to families and communities throughout the UK. Carer’s Week also helps people who have caring responsibilities to identify as carers and access much-needed support. These are carers that are looking after a family member or friend who has a disability, mental or physical illness or who needs extra help as they grow older.

Why is carer’s week important? 

The Carer’s Week 2020 campaign is brought to life by individuals and organisations of all sizes who come together to provide support for carers. It’s a time to recognise, celebrate, and appreciate all the work our carers do on a daily basis: whether they be professional carers, carers that provide for loved ones and family members, unpaid and voluntary carers – the list goes on. 

Running activities and highlighting the vital role carers play in our communities helps draw attention to just how important caring is. This year, National Carers Week is more important than ever as people across the country are facing new challenges as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. 

Many carers are taking on more responsibilities for their relatives and friends who are disabled, ill or elderly individuals who need support. They need to be recognised for the difficulties they are experiencing, respected for their hard work, and provided with information, support and understanding. Carer’s Week 2020 is important for us to come together to help make caring visible. 

Carer’s week with Trinity Homecare

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At Trinity Homecare, we couldn’t be more proud of the daily efforts from all of our team members. We see the results of your hard work and effort whilst you provide the support and care that many people so desperately rely on. This applies to our team behind the scenes and all those on the front line. Without all of you, we couldn’t fulfil our key objective in making a real difference in people’s lives. 

That’s why we encourage everyone to get involved in Carer’s Week 2020. You can do anything to help a carer that can make a real difference. Help make care visible to your friends, your family, your work colleagues and more by spreading the word. We can all do more to help those who help others. 

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