Important: Our staff our vaccinated- Find out how we are keeping our clients and workers safe during COVID-19 

Should I be worried about the Coronavirus?

With Coronavirus taking the news headlines, many people are feeling increasingly concerned about their health and safety. We want to ensure that you are kept informed through reliable and trustworthy sources of information.

Is the UK under threat by Coronavirus?

As it stands, the UK is not under major threat by the Coronavirus. There are reports of some infected in the UK but as it stands, this is being controlled. The virus is considered to be mild but can be dangerous for those who are of older age or with underlying health conditions or immunity deficiencies.

However, we would like to emphasise that there is no reason to be alarmed and that media reports suggesting this virus is as severe as Ebola are both incorrect and unhelpful.

Preventative measures to protect you from getting the virus

As a general precaution, we urge people to follow standard hygiene measures. This includes washing your hands regularly, avoiding contact with anyone who has flu-like symptoms, sneezing into tissues and keeping surfaces clean.

If you are due to be traveling, then keep up to date by following the Foreign Travel Advice

Advice for Care workers

Care workers that are traveling to areas at risk, must inform their Care Manager.

If you are concerned you may be infected then dial 111. The NHS has informed anyone with symptoms to not attend a hospital or GP practice.

For further information please click here for  UK Gov site for guidance for health care professionals.