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Home care benefits for Dementia patients

Dementia can seem like a challenging issue for many families following the diagnosis of the condition. But at Trinity Homecare, we know that it is entirely possible to enjoy an active, happy and fulfilling life. This blog outlines all the home care benefits for dementia patients when compared to moving into residential care. 

85% of people with dementia would like to remain at home 

For those living with Dementia, at some stage, you will require care and assistance with your daily routine. A helping hand to provide for you in times of need helps you stay safe, healthy and cared for, and that’s what our team are committed to. 

When considering care options, many people instantly think of moving themselves or their loved one into a care home. The daunting thought of leaving home comforts, familiar surroundings, loved ones, memories, pets and more can leave many people feeling down. 

We are here to tell you that there is a much-preferred solution that many people don’t even consider; that is heartfelt dementia home care in which a carer provides for you in your own home. 

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What is the best care for dementia patients? 

So, what is the best care for dementia patients? At Trinity Homecare, we firmly believe that there is no better choice than dementia care in your own home. When compared to a care home, there are a vast array of advantages. This spans across mental wellbeing, the health and safety of the client, cost efficiency, independence, and the progression of the disease. Some of the benefits of home care for Alzheimer’s are listed below. 

Dementia home care benefits 

We firmly believe that the best care for dementia patients is one to one home care, and here’s why: 

One to one bespoke care

One of the key advantages of home care for dementia patients is one to one, personalised care. This allows our carers to maintain a closer eye on our patients than would be possible in a care home. This surrounds the development and symptoms of dementia within the client, helping the client stay safe, and close monitoring of medication dosing and schedules. 

Safer – less hospital admissions 

Another dementia home care benefit is the fact that home care is much safer than a care home. Research proves there are a third as many falls for dementia patients, helping reduce the risk of serious injury and hospital admissions. Falls pose a serious risk in later life, and the close monitoring of dementia patients by our carers offers full-time assistance with movement, helping keep you safe and well. 

Familiar environment 

For those with dementia, staying in a familiar environment unearths a number of benefits for home care. This reduces anxiety and confusion as the client remains in a familiar routine. Additionally, being familiar with the layout and surroundings of the close environment increases safety, comfort and awareness. 

Maintain memories 

Living around household memories helps improve the cognitive function in dementia patients and helps reduce memory loss and confusion. You can live with your close family and partners, pets, family, photos and so on – and in the early stages of dementia, this can have many positive effects. Even smelling familiar household scents and listening to your music is known to have a positive impact on dementia. 


Our carers provide more than a heartfelt helping hand with personal care, daily support and household tasks. We are true caring individuals that provide heartfelt companionship. We are there for you whenever you need us, both physically and emotionally. 

Stay with loved ones 

Another one of the key benefits of home care for dementia patients is being able to stay with loved ones. For those with dementia, in certain circumstances, partners and loved ones have to be left behind at home. With home care, you can remain at home with your nearest and dearest whilst our carers provide for you. 

Meaningful activities 

At Trinity Homecare, we place great emphasis on providing meaningful dementia activities that help reduce the progression rate of symptoms. Such reminiscence exercises can have a positive impact on the memory of individuals with dementia. Additionally, another dementia home care benefit is you have as much time as you want to enjoy tactile activities such as painting, pottery, knitting, and your other favourite crafts. 

Keep your routine 

Maintaining a consistent routine drastically helps reduces anxiety in dementia patients. In terms of dementia home care benefits, this is arguably the most important factor to avoid causing confusion. People with Alzheimer’s who are suffering from memory loss thrive on familiarity. A predictable routine can prevent a person with dementia from becoming distracted, the list of dementia home care benefits goes on and on. 

An affordable alternative 

With home care for dementia, you get better value for money from the care you receive. Firstly, it’s completely personal with one to one care – so someone is on hand whenever you need them. 

Secondly, with dementia home care, you only pay for the time you require. In mild cases, visiting care can be the best option as someone can come and provide for you flexibly around your routine. Whilst in severe cases that require full-time support, live-in care offers round the clock assistance so you and your loved ones can find true peace of mind that you are safe. 


Arguably one of the key home care benefits for dementia patients is maintaining a level of independence. The independence that would be lost when moving into a care home. You can remain in your own home around the people and things you love, maintain your ideal routine and more. 

24/7 assistance

Even in severe cases, dementia home care can offer round the clock assistance. If you would prefer to stay at home, there is always the opportunity to with Trinity Homecare’s services. 

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There are a number of home care benefits for dementia patients that help you live happier and healthier. With dementia home care, we truly believe that it is possible to live an enriched lifestyle with dementia, as we have provided for those with the condition for over 20 years. 

Research proves that in many circumstances, home care is the best choice of care for dementia patients. If you require ‘outstanding rated’ dementia care in the comfort, safety and familiarity of home. Contact us today. We are personal, we’re caring and we’re trusted.