Important: Homecare - A safe option during COVID-19

Stayinmyhome website launches

The Live-in Homecare Information Care Hub provides a one stop hub of information on live-in homecare.  Created by a partnership of leading live-in homecare providers, Trinity Homecare is proud to be a founding member of The Live-in Homecare Information Hub.

The purpose of the information hub is to raise awareness of live-in homecare and provide essential information to anyone considering live-in homecare as an option to stay at home.

Trinity Homecare has been providing live-in homecare since 1996 and provides a range of live-in homecare services from introductory live-in care to managed live-in care.  Mike Smith, Managing Director of Trinity Homecare says “I am delighted that Trinity is part of the Live-in Homecare Information Care Hub.  This is designed to be a vital information hub for families interested in live-in homecare, where a personal carer lives in, 24 hours a day.”

For further information about Trinity or to set up a no obligation live-in homecare assessment, please contact one of our live-in care managers today.