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Using care technology – useful questions and answers

The technology around us is developing by the day, and here at Trinity Homecare, we’re excited to offer you pioneering technology to support our care services. As exciting and beneficial as TrinityConnect is, we understand that familiarising ourselves with using new technology can take time, so we’ve answered some frequently asked questions to help you use TrinityConnect confidently.

Can I send my carers an update about any recent changes?

In order to update us or request any changes to the personal support plan, please contact your Care Manager. Your Care Manager will post a message which will appear as an update in the ‘Latest Updates’ area on the app. You, your loved one and your TrinityCarers will be able to view this message. Alternatively, any changes can be discussed with your Senior TrinityCarer during the regular client review.

Where can I find more detailed information about myself/my family member on the TrinityConnect app?

When you open the app and sign in, select Trinity Home Care Customer Record, then Case Forms, then you can choose to view either the ‘Client Overview’ or ‘Emergency Contacts’.

What information can I find in the ‘Client Overview’?

The ‘Client Overview’ contains all the information you would like us to know about your background, interests, loved ones, spirituality and wishes. The ‘wishes’ section will enable you or your loved one to outline what the most important things to you are and how we can support you to achieve them. The ‘Client Overview’ also gives you an opportunity to outline any particular house rules and requirements.

How can I access a live view of events?

To benefit from the TrinityConnect app live view, it’s important to ensure that keep your device is synchronized regularly.

How do I synchronise my device?

When you open the ‘Access Planning’ App and sign in, click on the three horizontal lines in the left top corner, click Settings, then click Clean Sync, then click OK. The app will start the synchronising process and it’s best to leave the app to completely finish synchronising before using the app again.

How will TrinityCarers be using care technology?

If you receive support from our Visiting home care team, your TrinityCarers will use the app to log in and out of your visit by scanning a QR code (on your Personal Support Plan) and once they are logged in, they will be able to view the activities they need to complete during the visit. They will use the app to confirm the activities they’ve completed and add any notes for your care management teams to see.

If you receive live-in home care, your TrinityCarer will use a mobile device to view your daily routine and which activities need to be completed in during morning, lunch, afternoon and evening times. Your TrinityCarer will confirm the activities completed on the app and they will make any notes to be viewed by your care management team.

If you’d like to see how your TrinityCarers are using the TrinityConnect app, videos are available on our YouTube channel.

Who can I contact?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Care Manager and they will be able to assist you.


As with all technology, there are routines upgrades and updates to ensure the digital systems are operating how they should be. Any updates will be listed on this page.


As of 27th December, we will be starting to use an app to sign off medications electronically.

TrinityCarers will start to see a list of each medication that needs to be prompted or administered during the care visit as well as information on dose and any special instructions etc. TrinityCarers will now be required to log each medication as completed/not completed to ensure that medication is taken at the necessary times.

The list of tasks which need to be completed will look like this:

Tasks and activities to complete

By clicking on a task (e.g. Omeprazole 10mg capsules), more information regarding dosage and instructions will appear. This is where tasks will be marked as completed or not completed:

Medication Administration

Updates and records will appear like this:

recent updates

MAR charts and medication records will no longer be written out on paper as we transition to this paperless system. We will be migrating individual customers to paperless records during January and the date of the cut-over will be clearly recorded on the app.

Our instructional videos on prompting medication and administering medication may help you understand how our TrinityCarers use the app.


TrinityCarers will use their mobile devices to log their arrival, departure and completed tasks using our TrinityConnect system which uses an app. TrinityCarers will have all the tasks that need to be completed at their fingertips. TrinityCarers are required to mark each task as completed on the app and the completion of tasks will be monitored by the care coordinator and care manager in real-time.

As of the 18th December, paper records of daily care notes will be replaced with electronic records (click here to view our video guide on completing tasks on the app).