03 What help & support does a live-in carer provide?

The services included within your live-in care package may vary depending on the provider you’ve selected and the level of care agreed. Live-in care services usually include help with mobility and safety, personal care, medication, night time support, shopping, cooking, housework, pet care, admin, trips out, companionship and emotional support.

Carers’ work doesn’t normally cover heavy moving or lifting, constant night care or nursing procedures, although inclusion of these services may be discussed with your care provider where required.

Some of the typical ways in which a live-in carer may offer support are outlined below.

Daily routine

  • Help with getting up and morning routine
  • Assistance with evening and bedtime routine
  • Support with your lifestyle

Personal care

  • Assistance with bathing and dressing
  • Feeding and oral hygiene
  • Continence care


  • Prompting or reminding to take medication
  • Administering medication

Cooking and nutrition

  • Preparation of nutritious meals
  • Encouraging fluids (avoidance of UTIs)

Housekeeping and home help

  • Laundry and ironing
  • Cleaning and housework
  • Household organisation
  • Changing linen and making the bed
  • Pet care


  • Shopping for nutritious food
  • Encouraging you to stay active in both body and mind
  • Ensuring pendants and phone are within easy reach
  • Planning trips and outings


  • Regular company
  • Compassionate and engaging companionship
  • Warm and stimulating conversation
  • Genuine interest in you and your lifestyle

Hobbies and activities

  • Activities inside and outside the home
  • Confidence to maintain hobbies or even explore new ones
  • Taking you on outings, social trips or to the shops
  • Keeping your mind and body active

Advice and support from the care provider

  • Support for family members
  • Advice on equipment and technology in the home (telecare)
  • Information about funding and financing
  • Information about powers of attorney
  • Liaising with other professionals
  • On-call support services