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Home Care for Disabled Adults

A person living with a disability may face different barriers in life to others, requiring extra support from family or carers to help promote and support a more positive lifestyle.

For those living with a disability, receiving the best level of help and support is essential to retaining an independent and enriched lifestyle. Trinity Homecare is committed to providing an ‘Outstanding’ rated care service for people with a range of disabilities.

Our services provide home care for disabled adults, making it possible to receive the care yourself or a loved one needs whilst remaining in the comfort and familiarity of your own home.


Caring for a disabled person at home

live-in care conditions

With 45% of adults over state pension age living with a disability, the home care we provide is becoming increasingly important. Caring responsibilities are often carried out by a loving family member as they fear the only other option is a care home. For someone with complex needs, moving to a care home can be a stressful and isolating process and it’s common for younger generations to feel that they don’t fit into residential home culture. 

Trinity Homecare offers a positive solution which eases the level of care a family member may be providing. We also work with those with a disability to help them remain living in their own home and stay within local access to their friends and families. 

Trinity Carers are specially trained in providing home help for disabled adults, ensuring that your loved one receives the most appropriate care to suit their needs. Our home care services for disabled adults not only benefits those in need of our support; but also enables close friends and family to retain a positive and balanced relationship with true peace of mind that they are both happy and taken care of. 


Remain in your own home with personal disability care 

For those that require extra support with their disability, being able to retain as much independence and comfort in their life is very important for both physical and mental well-being. Caring for a disabled person at home enables those with specialised needs to hold onto what helps them to feel happy in a secure environment.

As many of us have experienced, moving home can be a very stressful time, more so when moving into a care home. It can often mean moving away from close friends and family along with potentially no longer having easy access to local activities you enjoy taking part in. As Trinity offers home care services for disabled adults, we remove the stress and anxiety that can sometimes occur with moving away from your home to receive professional care. 

It is our priority to deliver a high-quality disabled adults home care service that enriches a person’s life without contributing to any unnecessary distress or hassle. Our home care services offer a bespoke care plan that is tailored to the individual’s requirements, providing care from as little as weekly visits to round the clock live-in care. 


Flexible services for adults with a disability

Trinity Homecare provides disability care as much or as little as a person may need. Our home care is entirely flexible to your needs and we tailor a home care plan directly to you as an individual. 

Our two key services are Visiting Care in which a carer comes to support you based around your desired routine, and a Live-in Care service that provides you with 24 hour support from someone who lives with you in your home. 

Our Visiting Care service provides you with a carer that visits your home as little as a few hours a day to multiple times a week, supporting you wherever necessary to help you live well. 

For adults living with a complex disability or more severe symptoms, a Live-in Carer can offer full-time support. A Live-in Carer can help you with medical support including physio or medicinal aid plus helping with any household chores which may feel too strenuous. 

Our Live-in Carers are specially trained in the requirements of your disability but also perfectly matched with you based on your interests and hobbies. We understand that inviting someone to live in your home to provide full-time care can initially appear overwhelming. That’s why we ensure that you receive the most suitable carer for you that you will develop a compassionate and heartfelt relationship with. 

Unlike some care facilities, we understand that the one size fits all approach is not appropriate when providing care for a disabled adult. Each disability affects people in different ways, that’s why we take the time to get to know you personally. We design a bespoke disability care plan that understands the level of care we can provide to support you in the best way possible.


The disabilities we provide home care for

At Trinity Homecare, we are committed to ensuring that our carers training is up to date with current disability care practices. We currently offer specialist home help for disabled adults affected by the following conditions:

We understand that with these conditions a person’s symptoms can grow in older age. We regularly review our care plan with you to make certain that our home care services are always improving your quality of life, adjusting the amount of support we provide where necessary. Whilst we offer support and care for a number of disabilities and complex conditions, we do not offer nursing care. 


Contact Trinity Homecare today

To discuss Trinity’s home care services for disabled adults and how our help can support yourself or a loved one, you can complete one of our online forms here

Alternatively, you can speak directly with one of our welcoming and understanding Trinity care professionals by calling 020 4530 8775. We are always happy to help in providing the answers to all of your questions.



How to know what is the best form of care for your disability.

When contacting Trinity to request our home care services you do not need to feel as though you must already know what services you require. Our specially trained professionals will discuss your care needs with you and from this, we will assess the most appropriate and frequency of care for you.

How will Trinity assess my disability care needs?

Upon your initial enquiry, we will arrange an assessment with those needing our disability care services. We will talk directly with the client as well as close friends or family who may also be able to provide vital information on where our services are most needed.

What are the costs of disability home care?

Our home care services for disabled adults start from as little as £60 per week for those that only require short care visits. Some people may require more full-time care and so we also offer a Live-in Care service that is available from £ 1300 per week. Our friendly, specially trained carers can live with you in your home to provide around the clock disability care.

How to arrange home care for disabled adults

Arranging home care for disabled adults could not be a more simple process. Contact our Trinity care team on 020 4530 8775 or complete our online form here to begin the consultation process.

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