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Elderly Care at Home

As we grow older, it is perfectly natural to begin to require further support to live safely and be provided for. Trinity Homecare makes this possible for you by providing ‘Outstanding-rated’ care in a compassionate manner for you to remain in your comfortable home environment. 

Whether that be daily assistance with a medical condition, carrying out daily tasks around the house through Visiting Care or a full-time Live-in Carer that can provide for you around the clock. We are here to help.


Choose Trinity for Elderly Care 

The prospect of moving into a care home can feel quite unappealing for some, as it involves upheaving your life to move into an unfamiliar setting that may also be further away from your loved ones. 

Trinity Homecare is here to offer an alternative solution to caring for you and your needs. We provide care support for the elderly which is focused around supporting you in all aspects as an individual. We want you to remain safe in your own home, retaining the quality of life you deserve. 

Trinity Homecare is a highly experienced and award-winning elderly care service provider that you can trust. Our managed home care services have been rated ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). 

Elderly homecare offers a safe solution 

When an elderly person requires extra help and support, they are often moved into a residential care home which can be upsetting for those involved. This can be due to people being unaware of other forms of support and may think that a residential care home is the only option.

Trinity Homecare offers a safe solution that maintains a positive relationship for all family members. Our elderly care service provides help for the elderly living at home, enabling them to remain within their own comfortable home setting. Receiving elderly care at home can offer many benefits that a residential care home facility is not always able to provide, including:

  • A one-to-one care service – when a TrinityCarer comes to your home they are providing support for you only, rather than giving you a ‘time slot’ approach that can occur in a care home setting.
  • Care assistance tailored to your individual needs – we constantly work with you to devise a care plan that suits your requirements, adjusting this plan accordingly to any changes in your needs.
  • No disruption to your life – no need for the stress caused by disrupting your life and moving away from your much-loved home to go into an unfamiliar environment.

By providing help for the elderly living at home, we support those directly receiving our care and also close family members and friends. Our home care assistance offers peace of mind to those who have been concerned with the wellbeing of their loved one, as well as those who may have stepped in to provide care themselves. 

Trinity carers are committed to promoting the highest standards of care support for elderly people that allows families to maintain positive relationships with their loved ones. 


The elderly care services we offer

We offer flexible home care services for the elderly living in their own home, by catering our care service directly to the needs of the individual. Whether you feel that you would benefit from home care once a week, or would prefer a more regular or permanent service, we can ensure your needs are taken care of so you can maintain independence at home. 

For those that may only require home care assistance for a couple of hours a day or a few days a week, there is our Visiting Care service. For some people, a full-time support service may be more necessary, and for those, we provide a Live-in Care service where one of our specialist trained carers can live with you in your own home to offer around the clock care. 


How our elderly home care services can help you

Across both of our elderly care services, our fully trained carers are available to help with a vast range of tasks. Our assistance enables you to carry out your life with as much ease and independence as possible.

Trinity Carers provide care support for elderly with the following tasks:

  • Household chores – tidying, cleaning, doing laundry and more
  • Making nutritious meals – meal preparation and cooking of favourite meals 
  • Hygiene – bathing, grooming, continence care and personal care
  • Medication – collecting prescriptions and accurately administering medical aid
  • Companionship – someone to talk to and share your hobbies and interests with 


Flexible and adaptable elderly home care

Unlike living in a residential care home setting, a Trinity Homecare assistant visits you in your own home, fitting our elderly care service into a routine that is most convenient and comfortable for you. With our elderly home care assistance, you never have to worry about having to accommodate someone else’s schedule, which we appreciate can often be very distressing.

When arranging your elderly care at home service with us we will work with you to assess the most suitable care for you. We will meet with yourself and your loved ones to discuss the type and regularity of care that would best support you on your life’s journey. 

With Trinity Homecare you receive elderly care at home from the most highly experienced professionals, who will always work with you to provide the best and most respectful care. It is our belief that you should be able to remain safe and happy in your own home and that as you grow older, a residential care home does not have to be the only elderly care option.


Contact Trinity for elderly home care assistance

With many years of experience providing high-quality elderly home care services, our carers focus on supporting your needs so that both you and your family can continue to enjoy many happy times together.

For those in need of elderly care assistance, a residential care home is not the only option moving forward. With our Visiting Care and Live-in Care services, you can receive all of the help you need without the added stress of leaving your home behind.

To discuss your elderly home care needs and how we can support you, contact us here or call us at 020 4530 8354 where one of our warm and friendly Trinity Homecare experts will be more than happy to speak with you.  

Please get in touch to discuss your care needs whether they be for yourself or a loved one, we are always here to help no matter how much or little help you feel you may need.



How much does it cost for elderly home care?

Trinity Homecare for elderly people living in their own homes is priced depending on the type and duration of support a person requires. Our Visiting Care services start from as little as £60 a week for those that only need a carer to visit infrequently. For those who are in need of more frequent, in-depth care we offer a Live-in Care service which is available from £1100 per week where a Trinity Carer is assigned to you based on your personal requirements and interests.


Can elderly home care help with medical conditions?

Yes, alongside our care support for elderly assisting with carrying out tasks around the house we also support those who may require further assistance due to a medical condition. Our specialist trained Trinity Carers are equipped to support those with the following medical conditions:


How do I know what kind of support I need?

When contacting Trinity Homecare to discuss elderly home care options for yourself or a family member you do not need to worry about knowing the full extent of the condition of care you may require. Upon your initial enquiry, we shall arrange a full consultation and visit those that are in need of further aid and upon this, we will assess how much care a person would need so that they can live safely in their own home.


How to arrange elderly care at home

Arranging home care for elderly living in their own home could not be easier. You can simply complete our contact form on our website here or for those that would like to discuss their circumstances over the phone you can call 020 4530 8354 where you can speak to one of our understanding and professional homecare experts.