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Specialist Care At Home

At Trinity Homecare, we have over 20 years’ experience in providing specialist care for a variety of conditions. You can find true peace of mind in the fact our specialist care services are rated as outstanding by the Care Quality Commission.

Trinity’s specialist home care services are entirely flexible to your needs. Whether you require daily care visits, or specialist live-in care with full time assistance – we are here to help. Call a friendly member of our team today to discuss your specialist home care needs. 

What is specialist home care? 

Trinity’s specialist care services provide comprehensive care and assistance to help you live happier and healthier in the comfort of your own home. Our compassionate carers assist in your mental and physical wellbeing, rehabilitation and helping you access an enriched lifestyle through personal home care. 

Conditions that may require specialist care

Multiple sclerosis the symptoms of multiple sclerosis vary from person to person. So, matching you with TrinityCarers who provide you with the practical and emotional support you need is vitally important. Our carers are true companions that help you live life more confidently. 

Stroke we thoroughly understand the impact that a stroke can have on you and your loved ones. Recovery can be slow but steady, but we know it is entirely possible to recover from a stroke and live well. We regularly witness the benefits of specialist care in the comfort of your own home and will continue to provide for those who need us. 

Cerebral palsy at Trinity Homecare, we’ve been providing specialist care for people with cerebral palsy for the past 20 years. Our carers’ ‘can do’ approach to life helps us passionately enable individuals with cerebral palsy to access an enriched quality of life. 

Parkinson’s with Parkinson’s disease, we know that everyone will have a unique symptom picture and that’s why we take the time to discover your individual needs. From there, we develop a personal care plan that’s focused entirely on you. Our flexible specialist home care provides the exact level of care that you need from the outset of our service. 

Benefits of specialist care services:

  • Stay in your own home
  • Maintain your independence
  • TrinityCarers who have received specialist training 
  • Better value for money than a care home 
  • Support with all personal care, including washing, dressing and eating healthy meals
  • Proactive encouragement and support to continue living an enriched life 
  • Complete emotional support for yourself and your loved ones
  • Flexibility – fluctuating symptoms means every day is different so our services are completely flexible to accommodate changing wishes and needs
  • More confidence to do the things you love
  • Peace of mind for you and your loved ones

Specially trained TrinityCarers are ready to help

We’re committed to providing you and your loved ones with peace of mind. Within our specialist care services, our TrinityCarers offer a wealth of experience in caring for individuals living with a range of conditions. This includes Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, the effects of a stroke and many more. 

No matter what your circumstance, our heartfelt home care enables you and your loved ones to access an enriched quality of life in a safe, familiar and comfortable environment. By tailoring a care plan that is completely bespoke to you, we enable you to discover a new way to explore life’s adventures.

Visiting care 

Our specialist home care services offer care visits that can provide daily or weekly assistance. The level of care you require dictates the frequency and duration of our visits, all of which will be outlined within the needs assessment during the initial stages of our service. Our team can closely monitor whether your needs are changing over time, 

Specialist live-in care 

For conditions that require full-time assistance, specialist live-in care is the perfect solution to help you live happily within your own home. A compassionate and caring companion will move into your home to provide round the clock assistance whenever you need it. We have seen the importance of remaining in familiar surroundings for many individuals. For many that rely on care, living at home is the preferred solution that unearths a multitude of benefits for the client. 

How can specialist care help? 

Specialist complex care – those affected by complex conditions may rely on specialist equipment and require specific care-related needs, including: 

  • Controlled medication
  • Stoma care
  • Mental health needs
  • Ventilators
  • Colostomy and nephrostomy bags
  • PEG and RIG feeding tubes
  • Specialist hoisting equipment

Trinity Homecare works closely with various healthcare professionals to ensure that you’re receiving the highest standards of specialist care in your home. Our highly experienced staff are specially trained in the use of specialist equipment that is required to treat a number of conditions. We will be there to provide the care you rely on in a personal, caring and trusted manner. 

What to expect from our specialist care services:

  • TrinityCarers who will be there to support you and much or as little as you need
  • Flexibility – whether it’s daily visits or full-time live-in care
  • Support with personal care – such as bathing, dressing and continence care
  • Preparation of your favourite nutritious and well-balanced meals
  • Assistance with household tasks
  • Assistance in arranging appointments or outings
  • Transport and accompaniment to appointments or outings
  • We ensure that medication is taken at necessary times
  • Heartfelt companionship
  • Newfound peace of mind knowing that you or your loved one is living safely and confidently in the comfort of their own home!

Our friendly team of healthcare professionals is what makes Trinity Homecare who we are. We are an industry-leading specialist care provider that is rated as outstanding by the Care Quality Commission. You and your ones can find true peace of mind in the fact we offer personalised specialist care that makes all the difference on your journey through life. 

What to expect from the Trinity Homecare team:

  • TrinityCarers can visit as many times a day as you wish, or live-in care to provide specialist care around the clock
  • Care needs assessors will carry out a detailed risk and needs assessment prior to care
  • We will create a bespoke care plan that is completely tailored to individual needs
  • A dedicated care manager who will monitor your care and be your point of contact for any questions or concerns
  • TrinityCarers who have received specialist home care training
  • Access to 24-hour on-call support services
  • Regular visits to review the care plan to ensure you’re receiving the best quality of care
  • Regular correspondence with medical professionals and nurses

Contact us today for outstanding rated specialist home care 

If you require care and assistance but want to remain independent within your own home, look no further. Our friendly team are on hand and ready to help you access an enriched lifestyle through personalised care. 

Whether that be daily visits, or specialist live-in care, our home care services are entirely flexible to your needs. We’re personal, we’re caring, and we’re trusted to be there for you every step of the way. 

Contact a friendly member of our team today to discuss your specialist home care needs. 

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