A reason to live again

Di, 94, had outlived her four children and with no grandchildren or any other family was starting to neglect herself. A concerned neighbour alerted social services and she was taken to hospital where was treated for malnourishment.

Living well with dementia

A year on, Di is at home with Trinity hourly carers and a new lease of life. Her carers pop in several times a day and without fail, Di is now up and about, ready to greet them when they arrive. Like many with dementia, she needs a consistent routine, which the Trinity Homecare team carefully maintain.
TrinityCarers have given Di a purpose and a routine for each day, they also encourage her to enjoy the little things in life,?like her garden and taking trips to the local garden centre. Meanwhile, whenever Di’s gardener comes to mow the lawn, her favourite carer Sami opens up the windows to help Di enjoy one of her very favourite things – the smell of freshly cut grass.